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  • Five Nice Mice Build a House
    Chisato Tashiro

    Five Nice Mice Build a House 5ひきのすてきなねずみ ひっこしだいさくせん

    Readers will be amused by the endlessly expressive mice and their ingenious homemaking ideas in this second volume of the Five Nice Mice series, featuring five little rodents with highly distinctive personalities. The house next… … Details

  • Five Nice Mice in Concert
    Chisato Tashiro

    Five Nice Mice in Concert 5ひきのすてきなねずみ  おんがくかいのよる

    A story that speaks to the power of music to bring people together and make them smile, this is the first volume in the Five Nice Mice series featuring five little rodents with highly distinctive… … Details

  • I Was Just Minding My Own Business, When . . .
    Tarō Gomi

    I Was Just Minding My Own Business, When . . . のんびりしてたら・・・

    A boy is just minding his own business, not doing anything in particular, when a patch of green grass sprouts on his head. This is followed by a brick wall, a surge of waves, a… … Details

  • Mix-and-Match Animal Fun!
    Satoshin / Dolly

    Mix-and-Match Animal Fun! どうぶつまぜこぜあそび

    A strange-looking animal clings to a tree branch. “I’m a koalion,” he says. Beneath him on the page is the question, “Can you tell what two animals I came from?” The answer is a koala… … Details

  • I Know! I’ll Write a Letter!
    Wakako Nariyuki / Satoshi Iriyama

    I Know! I’ll Write a Letter! そうだ、おてがみ かこう

    In this heartwarming tale based on the author’s own experience, Aya enters the first grade. At the welcoming ceremony on the first day of school, everyone else is chattering away, catching up with each other.… … Details

  • Kō-chan
    Atsuko Suga / Komako Sakai

    Kō-chan こうちゃん

    The late author and translator Atsuko Suga has earned high praise for writings that tread the border between personal essay and short story, and which frequently draw on her extended stay in Italy during the… … Details

  • Friday Sugar
    Komako Sakai

    Friday Sugar 金曜日の砂糖ちゃん

    Three elegantly illustrated, dream-like stories tell about small children spending time alone. The title tale centers on a little girl known as “Friday Sugar.” As she naps in her yard one afternoon, birds, bees, butterflies,… … Details

  • Grade 6 Room 1: The Day the Class Broke
    Emi Saitō

    Grade 6 Room 1: The Day the Class Broke 教室 ―6年1組がこわれた日―

    In this stirring tale, grade-school children are shown dealing with such serious issues as bullying and classroom breakdown, working out solutions for themselves, and?strengthened by the experience?finding a way forward. Mizuki is a sixth-grader who… … Details

  • Princess Drawing Lessons for Little Girls

    Princess Drawing Lessons for Little Girls おんなのこのためのプリンセスおえかきレッスン

    This is a “how to” book for those who want to learn to draw cute pictures of princesses and other female figures. In addition to model illustrations, the book provides line drawings at various stages… … Details

  • Rin’s Present
    Takashi Kikuchi / Satoshi Itaya

    Rin’s Present リンちゃんのプレゼント

    Rin loves to sing, and she writes good songs, too. Today one of her friends is having a party for her fifth birthday. Rin’s present to her is a special song she has written, which… … Details

  • White Rabbit and the Apple Tree
    Mutsumi Ishii / Komako Sakai

    White Rabbit and the Apple Tree しろうさぎとりんごの木

    White Rabbit was born in the spring, and now it is summer. Her family’s house in the woods may be small, but she has everything she needs. A mother and father she adores. A bed… … Details

  • Mr. Hide ’n’ Seek
    Akiko Sueyoshi / Akiko Hayashi

    Mr. Hide ’n’ Seek もりのかくれんぼう

    Keiko and her older brother have been playing in the park, and he says he’ll race her home. As she chases after him, she crawls through a hedge and finds herself at the edge of… … Details

  • Two Cats
    Yūko Higuchi

    Two Cats ふたりのねこ

    In this bittersweet tale of a brief friendship, two cats?one a plush toy and the other real?meet in a park near the end of summer. Nyanko, the stuffed one, has been accidentally left behind by… … Details

  • No Wildcats
    Kimiko Aman / Takushi Kitada

    No Wildcats 山ねこおことわり

    Mr. Matsui drives a taxi. One autumn day, he picks up a young man as a passenger and follows his instructions to turn right, then left, and so on, over and over, until he no… … Details

  • A Car the Color of the Sky: The White Hat
    Kimiko Aman / Takushi Kitada

    A Car the Color of the Sky: The White Hat 車のいろは空のいろ 白いぼうし

    Gorō Matsui’s taxi is sky blue, and he always keeps it clean and shiny. Numerous heartwarming stories about the mild-mannered driver and his sometimes rather unusual passengers have been collected in three volumes under the… … Details

  • Onita’s Hat
    Kimiko Aman / Chihiro Iwasaki

    Onita’s Hat おにたのぼうし

    The story in this picture book takes place on the night of Setsubun, the traditional last day of winter now celebrated on February 3 or 4 each year, when it is customary for families to… … Details

  • Shhhh
    Chisato Tashiro

    Shhhh しーっ

    “Shhh, could you please be quiet?” says a rabbit to two yellow birds. Then she leans close to whisper in their ears, “The reason I’m asking is . . .”?but the reader does not get… … Details

  • Sniff Sniff Smells Good
    Chisato Tashiro

    Sniff Sniff Smells Good くんくん、いいにおい

    The oven-fresh smell of bread, the aroma of happiness as a birthday cake is decorated, the refreshing scent of laundry ruffling in the breeze, that tingle in the nose when you’re playing or working hard outdoors,… … Details

  • Little Riko’s House
    Komako Sakai

    Little Riko’s House リコちゃんのおうち

    Little Riko loves to play with her dolls and stuffed toys. But her big brother barges in and tells her to go somewhere else. Then Mama inattentively kicks Riko’s stuffed deer as she hurries about… … Details

  • Hannah’s Night
    Komako Sakai

    Hannah’s Night はんなちゃんがめをさましたら

    Little Hannah wakes up to discover that it’s still the middle of the night. The rest of her family is sound asleep?her big sister in the bed next to her, and her parents in their… … Details