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  • Tiger Cat and Black Cat
    Tatsuya Miyanishi

    Tiger Cat and Black Cat トラネコとクロネコ

    Tama the tiger cat and Bruce the black cat find a juicy peach lying on the ground, and promptly start fighting over who saw it first. An initial exchange of threats pitting one’s sharp teeth… … Details

  • We Met Spring
    Kyōko Hara / Kōshirō Hata

    We Met Spring はるにあえたよ

    Mark and Matt are twin bear cubs. Just awakened from hibernation, they have yet to experience their first spring. Their parents tell them that as the season arrives, it grows warmer, green plants sprout from… … Details

  • Panpaka Underpants: Are the Ghost Pants Scary Pants?

    Panpaka Underpants: Are the Ghost Pants Scary Pants? パンパカパンツ おばけパンツはこわいパンツ?

    This is a picture-book spinoff of the highly popular children’s television series Panpaka pantsu o-New! (Panpaka Underpants, Spanking New!), launched in April 2015. An animated piglet named Panpaka, who is particularly fond of underpants, performs… … Details

  • All in for the Boy Detectives Club
    Osamu Fujitani

    Edogawa Ranpo, whose adopted pen name closely mimics the pronunciation of Edgar Allan Poe in Japanese, is generally regarded as the father of modern Japanese mystery fiction. This book is the second volume in Poplar… … Details

  • Miru the Cat and Chimmy the Mouse
    Hiroaki Hara / Yoriko Moriyama

    Miru the Cat and Chimmy the Mouse ねこのミルとねずみのチムニー

    Miru the cat is somewhat timid, but nonetheless curious about the mouse he always sees sitting on a tree stump reading a book. He finally musters the courage to introduce himself and learns that the… … Details

  • The End of the World
    Masamoto Nasu

    The End of the World ジ エンド オブ ザ ワールド

    Ten short stories peer into the abyss that is the human heart, leaving an indelible impression on the reader. In the title piece, war in the Middle East sparks a global nuclear conflagration. A boy… … Details

  • Pen and Guin Go Fishing for Something Big
    Tatsuya Miyanishi

    Pen and Guin Go Fishing for Something Big ペンちゃんギンちゃんおおきいのをつりたいね!

    The penguins Pen and Guin are the best of buddies. One day they decide to go fishing. “Wouldn’t it be great if we caught something really big?” they say. They dangle their lines through a… … Details

  • Heart and Beard
    Yumiko Shimaoka / Mohamed Charinda

    Heart and Beard しんぞうとひげ

    Once upon a time there were a heart and a beard. Because they were poor, they were often hungry. They had both gone without food for 21 days, filling their bellies with nothing but water,… … Details

  • Yumemino Station Lost and Found
    Mikie Andō

    Yumemino Station Lost and Found ゆめみの駅遺失物係

    The narrator is a girl who has only recently entered middle school when family circumstances force her to transfer to a new school. In effect retreating into her own private shell, she makes up her… … Details

  • Rin and Green
    Hiroyuki Aihara / Nami Adachi

    Rin and Green りんちゃんとあおくん

    Rin is a red girl-apple, and Green is a green boy-apple. Born on the same day, they’ve become the best of pals, eating together, going for walks together, bathing together, napping together. They both like… … Details

  • Read Me a Story
    Kyōko Hara / Kazue Takahashi

    Read Me a Story ねえ、おはなしきかせて

    Through her interactions with some animals in the woods, a little girl sees good come out of something she does, and gains new self-confidence and maturity in the process. First-grader Yuka loves to have her… … Details

  • Chomp!
    Shinta Chō

    Chomp! ぱっくんぱっくん

    A dog is walking along the edge of a pond when a great big fish leaps out of the water and?chomp!?latches onto the pooch’s hind end with its mouth. In an effort to escape using… … Details

  • Watch Me, Mama
    Nanami Madoka / Tatsuya Miyanishi

    Watch Me, Mama ままみてて

    Shin says to his mother, “I can do it all by myself, Mama.” His mother asks, “What can you do all by yourself?” “Watch me, Mama. I’ll show you.” The boy takes off his pants,… … Details

  • Peace Is So Wonderful
    Yūki Asato / Yoshifumi Hasegawa

    Peace Is So Wonderful へいわってすてきだね

    At the Okinawa Memorial Day ceremony on June 23, 2013, a first-grade boy from Yonaguni Island named Yūki Asato stood up in front of the gathering to read a poem he had written, entitled Heiwa… … Details

  • Mr. Ruraru’s Telescope
    Hiroshi Itō

    Mr. Ruraru’s Telescope ルラルさんのぼうえんきょう

    This is the seventh installment in author Hiroshi Itō’s tremendously popular Mr. Ruraru picture-book series, which now spans a full quarter-century. Mr. Ruraru lives in a house with a nice yard, which he shares with… … Details

  • Alligale Works at a Department Store
    Ayuko Uegaki

    Alligale Works at a Department Store アリゲールデパートではたらく

    Alligale is an alligator who loves to travel. One day as the train he’s on rolls into another city, he sees an advertising balloon floating in the sky. The Baynton Department Store is having its… … Details

  • My Cat Tetsuzō

    My Cat Tetsuzō てつぞうはね

    Tetsuzō is my cat. He’s white and fluffy, and he sits there looking like a great big rice ball. He’s not very friendly with anybody else, but he likes to snuggle up to me. He… … Details

  • It Might Be an Apple
    Shinsuke Yoshitake

    It Might Be an Apple りんごかもしれない

    A boy comes home from school to find a bright red apple sitting on the table, and it sets his imagination going: Maybe it’s not actually an apple at all. Maybe it’s a giant cherry.… … Details

  • Polar Bear’s Underwear
    Tupera Tupera

    Polar Bear’s Underwear しろくまのパンツ

    Polar Bear is wondering what happened to his underpants. He seems to have misplaced them. Mouse comes along and asks what’s wrong. When Polar Bear explains, Mouse says he’ll help him look for them. He… … Details

  • Stripe Island
    Tupera Tupera

    Stripe Island しましまじま

    Everything on Stripe Island has stripes. People, animals, trees, houses, hills, food, flowers?everything. Adding to the fun of the technicolor stripes filling virtually every surface in sight are the ubiquitous names and wordplays, beginning with… … Details