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  • Fukushima 2011–2017
    Hiromi Tsuchida

    Fukushima 2011–2017 フクシマ 2011-2017

    On March 11, 2011, a massive earthquake struck northeastern Japan, triggering an accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, only 260 kilometers north of Tokyo, that was comparable to the Chernobyl disaster. Thousands of… … Details

  • I Can’t Talk So Smoothly
    Naoya Shiino

    I Can’t Talk So Smoothly 僕は上手にしゃべれない

    All through elementary school, Yūta Kashiwazaki had been the object of ridicule and unable to make friends because of his stuttering. On his first day of middle school, the teacher asks the students to introduce… … Details

  • She Was Difficult for Me
    Yōko Asahina

    She Was Difficult for Me わたしの苦手なあの子

    Mihiro is in sixth grade and still doesn’t know how to swim. She has a tendency to run away from things she dislikes or finds difficult instead of facing them head-on. The new girl in… … Details

  • Puddle Child
    Makura Abukawa

    Puddle Child パドルの子

    When his only friend Miwa moves away, eighth-grader Kōtarō Mizuno begins spending the noon hour at school by himself on what he calls “the cottage”—the landing of the stairway that leads to the roof. One… … Details

  • Nom de Plume
    Arimasa Ōsawa

    Nom de Plume 覆面作家

    This is a collection of eight short stories written as first-person narratives. There are no police detectives or sleuths, no elaborate tricks. Each story is written as if author Arimasa Ōsawa has momentarily laid down… … Details

  • The Voice in the Crime
    Takeshi Shiota

    This suspense novel follows two characters—an unwitting accomplice in crime and a newspaper reporter—as they pursue an unsolved mystery modeled on a real-life incident that gripped Japan from 1984 into the following year. In that… … Details

  • Working the Earth
    Kaoru Takamura

    While firmly rooted in realism, this story of an elderly man who continues to work the family farm in his isolated mountain hamlet after the death of his wife evokes between its lines the aesthetic… … Details

  • Harness the Power of Habit: Change Your Life in 30 Days!
    Takeshi Furukawa

    Harness the Power of Habit: Change Your Life in 30 Days! マンガでわかる「続ける」習慣

    This manga version of the best-selling title invites a still wider range of readers to master the art of habit as they follow aspiring pâtissier Mai Hanazono through the ups and downs of learning to… … Details

  • The Golden Principles of Feng Shui Life: How to Declutter and Organize Your Home
    Yūchiku Rinoie

    An ancient art and science developed in China more than 3,000 years ago, feng shui is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure the… … Details

  • They Saw the Comet: A Personal Exploration of Japan’s Hidden Christians
    Hiromi Hoshino

    They Saw the Comet: A Personal Exploration of Japan’s Hidden Christians みんな彗星を見ていた:私的キリシタン探訪記

    In 1549 Francis Xavier, a Navarrese Basque Roman Catholic missionary and cofounder of the Society of Jesus, arrived in a Japan fragmented among many competing feudal lords and began spreading the Christian gospel. Over the… … Details

  • I’ll See You at the Temple
    Yukiko Takada

    I’ll See You at the Temple まんぷく寺でまってます

    Even as Japan has become an increasingly secular society, 90 percent of funerals continue to be conducted as Buddhist ceremonies. In this story set at a Buddhist temple deep in the mountainous heart of Sado… … Details

  • Tangram Brainflash: Colors and Shapes

    Tangram Brainflash: Colors and Shapes いろ・かたち ひらめきタングラム

    The tangram, a puzzle that originated in China, is tremendously popular as an educational toy. The objective is to figure out how seven variously shaped pieces cut from a square can be rearranged to match… … Details

  • Kiwa’s Eggs
    Makiko Usami

    Kiwa’s Eggs キワさんのたまご

    Fourth-grader Satoshi is having a hard time staving off boredom during summer vacation. His parents are always tied up with the bento shop they run in the shopping district by the station, and his best… … Details

  • Cute and Easy Pom-Pom Crafts
    Mariko Ishikawa

    Cute and Easy Pom-Pom Crafts かんたんかわいいすぐできる ぽんぽんグッズ

    Some yarn and a stiff piece of cardboard to wind it around are all you need. Simply wind the yarn around and around the cardboard base, tie the center, snip the loops with sharp scissors,… … Details

  • Terrorist on the Rooftop
    Mikito Chinen

    Terrorist on the Rooftop 屋上のテロリスト

    A fictitious Japan that was partitioned between east and west after World War II comes under internal attack by a beautiful young terrorist pursuing reunification 72 years later. On November 15, 2017, high-school senior Akito… … Details

  • A Heartless God Alights
    Izumi Shiga

    A Heartless God Alights 無情の神が舞い降りる

    This volume contains two stories set in Fukushima shortly after the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan’s eastern seaboard on March 11, 2011. The title story begins two weeks after the quake in a… … Details

  • Cloud Girl
    Hitomi Kanehara

    Cloud Girl クラウドガール

    Two young sisters with sharply contrasting personalities take turns telling of their anchorless life in Tokyo following the death of their mother, who had received custody of them when she and their father divorced. Sixteen-year-old… … Details

  • Please Save Me
    Risa Wataya

    Please Save Me 私をくいとめて

    A woman who prefers to keep to herself begins a somewhat tentative relationship with a man but then finds herself unraveling. In spite of the serious subject matter, author Risa Wataya keeps the reader engaged… … Details

  • Milk Diary: The Book of Milk for Healthy Living Every Day

    Milk Diary: The Book of Milk for Healthy Living Every Day ミルク日記:毎日を元気に過ごすためのミルクの本

    Tremendously popular web content that drew 80,000 Facebook Likes is collected here between the covers of this book. The character Milk-Cup is born when milk pours from above into a dry, empty glass. “Now go… … Details

  • The Ferocious Hungry Bear
    Yasushi Tsukamoto

    The Ferocious Hungry Bear もうじゅうはらへりくま

    Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! One day a ferocious hungry bear comes pounding down out of the mountains toward town. Famished, he is on a hunt for something to eat. When he spots a carpenter bee buzzing… … Details