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  • Losing It: Miho Shimao, the Wife in “The Sting of Death”
    Kumiko Kakehashi

    Losing It: Miho Shimao, the Wife in “The Sting of Death” 狂うひと:「死の棘」の妻・島尾ミホ

    The winner of three prestigious literary awards, the autobiographical novel Shi no toge (1977; tr. 1985 as The Sting of Death) by Toshio Shimao (1917–1986) portrays the turbulent lives of Shimao and his wife Miho… … Details

  • Ruikō’s Maze
    Kenji Takemoto

    Ruikō’s Maze 涙香迷宮

    This mystery novel revolves around a real-life figure, Ruikō Kuroiwa (1862–1920), a newspaper founder, journalist, and prolific translator and adaptor of numerous English and French novels. The protagonist is Tomohisa Makiba, an 18-year-old with an… … Details

  • The Honor and the Ecstasy
    Hisaki Matsuura

    A suspense thriller set in Shanghai during the period of Japanese expansion on the Asian continent in the late 1930s, prior to the commencement of all-out war. Author Hisaki Matsuura vividly captures the dynamism of… … Details

  • Wedding Island
    Yukiko Mari

    This is a deeply disturbing suspense story of unsolved serial murders and the sinister history behind a disappearing island. In 2006, three people are murdered in what comes to be known as the December 1… … Details

  • The Children in the Middle
    Yourou Wen

    The Children in the Middle 真ん中の子どもたち

    This is the story of a child of two worlds—Japanese and Taiwanese—and the identity crisis she faces as a young woman. Kotoko Amahara’s father is Japanese, her mother Taiwanese. Kotoko is born in Taipei and… … Details

  • The Web of the Spider Woman
    Natsuhiko Kyōgoku

    This is the fifth installment in author Natsuhiko Kyōgoku’s series of mystery novels and stories featuring master sleuth Akihiko Chūzenji, a.k.a. Kyōgokudō, who runs an antiquarian bookshop and is also an occultist. Beginning in 1994… … Details

  • Black Box
    Shiori Itō

    Black Box Black Box

    While she is studying in the United States, Shiori Itō, a young aspiring journalist, becomes acquainted with Noriyuki Yamaguchi, the chief of the Washington bureau of a Japanese broadcaster. Yamaguchi promises her a future job… … Details

  • The White Rabbit Incident
    Kōtaro Isaka

    The White Rabbit Incident ホワイトラビット

    Describing this novel as a suspenseful overnight hostage drama may conjure up images of an action-packed thriller like the Hollywood films Hostage, Die Hard, or The Negotiator, but author Kōtarō Isaka delivers his own unique… … Details

  • Midnight Journal
    Masato Honjō

    Midnight Journal ミッドナイト・ジャーナル

    This story of old-fashioned investigative journalism revolves around three reporters, two men and a woman, at a national newspaper. The three were once part of an elite team whose beat was the criminal investigations division… … Details

  • The Big Snow
    Yoshinaga Fujita

    The Big Snow 大雪物語

    It is winter and Japan is wrapped in a cold front. More than one meter of snow has accumulated in Karuizawa, a resort town north of Tokyo. The roads are covered and traffic has come… … Details

    Kiwamu Satō


    The premise is nothing if not gruesome in this horror-mystery, which starts off with a family of four psychotic killers who daily indulge in mass bloodshed. Narrator Aria Ichino, a 17-year-old high-school girl, is an… … Details

  • Habit of Quitting: Release Yourself from Old Patterns of Behavior
    Takeshi Furukawa

    Steadfast persistence, it turns out, isn’t always the answer to letting go of a bad habit or resisting temptation. In this manga version of the best-selling Habit of Quitting office worker Yui Nakagaki, who has… … Details

  • Fukushima 2011–2017
    Hiromi Tsuchida

    Fukushima 2011–2017 フクシマ 2011-2017

    On March 11, 2011, a massive earthquake struck northeastern Japan, triggering an accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, only 260 kilometers north of Tokyo, that was comparable to the Chernobyl disaster. Thousands of… … Details

  • I Can’t Talk So Smoothly
    Naoya Shiino

    I Can’t Talk So Smoothly 僕は上手にしゃべれない

    All through elementary school, Yūta Kashiwazaki had been the object of ridicule and unable to make friends because of his stuttering. On his first day of middle school, the teacher asks the students to introduce… … Details

  • She Was Difficult for Me
    Yōko Asahina

    She Was Difficult for Me わたしの苦手なあの子

    Mihiro is in sixth grade and still doesn’t know how to swim. She has a tendency to run away from things she dislikes or finds difficult instead of facing them head-on. The new girl in… … Details

  • Puddle Child
    Makura Abukawa

    Puddle Child パドルの子

    When his only friend Miwa moves away, eighth-grader Kōtarō Mizuno begins spending the noon hour at school by himself on what he calls “the cottage”—the landing of the stairway that leads to the roof. One… … Details

  • Nom de Plume
    Arimasa Ōsawa

    Nom de Plume 覆面作家

    This is a collection of eight short stories written as first-person narratives. There are no police detectives or sleuths, no elaborate tricks. Each story is written as if author Arimasa Ōsawa has momentarily laid down… … Details

  • The Voice in the Crime
    Takeshi Shiota

    This suspense novel follows two characters—an unwitting accomplice in crime and a newspaper reporter—as they pursue an unsolved mystery modeled on a real-life incident that gripped Japan from 1984 into the following year. In that… … Details

  • Working the Earth
    Kaoru Takamura

    While firmly rooted in realism, this story of an elderly man who continues to work the family farm in his isolated mountain hamlet after the death of his wife evokes between its lines the aesthetic… … Details

  • Harness the Power of Habit: Change Your Life in 30 Days!
    Takeshi Furukawa

    Harness the Power of Habit: Change Your Life in 30 Days! マンガでわかる「続ける」習慣

    This manga version of the best-selling title invites a still wider range of readers to master the art of habit as they follow aspiring pâtissier Mai Hanazono through the ups and downs of learning to… … Details