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2018/02/28 Updates

Site update

Books from Japan was updated on February 28, 2018, adding synopses for 4 works of fiction, 1 of nonfiction, and 1 of other categories. (Italicized English titles are those of finished translations; others are tentative titles.)

■ Yoshinaga Fujita, Ōyuki monogatari
(The Big Snow)

■ Masato Honjō, Middonaito jānaru
(Midnight Journal)

■ Kōtarō Isaka, Howaito rabitto
(The White Rabbit Incident)

■ Kiwamu Satō, QJKJQ

■ Shiori Itō, Black Box
(Black Box)

Other Categories
■ Takeshi Furukawa, Manga de wakaru: Yameru shūkan
(Habit of Quitting: Release Yourself from Old Patterns of Behavior)