Hiroshi Sakurazaka work to become Hollywood movie: a Japanese light novel first

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2013/01/10 News

Hiroshi Sakurazaka work to become Hollywood movie: a Japanese light novel first

The light novel All You Need Is Kill (Shueisha) by Hiroshi Sakurazaka is being made into a film starring Tom Cruise. It will be the first Japanese light novel adapted to film by a major Hollywood studio. Filming began in October 2012, with its release expected in 2014.

The work is a science-fiction battle action story originally published in 2004 under Shueisha's Super Dash Bunko imprint. An English translation by Alexander O. Smith came out from Viz Media in 2009. The story relates a battle between humans and machines that have been sent to Earth by an alien species. The United Defense Force recruit who is the protagonist finds himself going through an endless two-day loop in which he repeatedly prepares for and goes into battle, is killed, then wakes up before the battle to do it all over again. Why this is happening remains a mystery, and he wonders how he might be able to escape the loop.

Author Hiroshi Sakurazaka was born in 1970. He made his authorial debut in 2003 with Yoku wakaru gendai maho (Modern Magic Made Simple), which was a finalist for the Super Dash New Writer Prize.

The publisher noted, "It's a time-loop battle action story in which the hero learns and grows each time he goes through the loop, with a heartrending love story to go along with it. The film studio told us they thought the handling of the time loop was highly original, unlike anything they would get from their own best scriptwriters.”

(This article originally appeared in the newspaper Mainichi Shinbun, December 10, 2012)