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  • Michiyo Hayano

    Michiyo Hayano はやのみちよ

    Michiyo Hayano (1952–) was born in Nagano Prefecture and graduated from Ochanomizu University with a degree in education. She has written numerous stories and biographies for children, including Mama ga kirei ni naru … Details

  • Akiko Hayashi

    Akiko Hayashi 林明子

    Akiko Hayashi (1945–) was born in Tokyo. After graduating from college, she worked at famed illustrator Hiroshi Manabe’s company for a time before establishing herself as an illustrator and picture-book author in her … Details

  • Kyoko Hayashi

    Kyoko Hayashi 林京子

    Kyoko Hayashi  (1930–2017) was born in Nagasaki, the third in a family of four daughters, but lived most of her first 14 years in Shanghai, where her father worked for a trading company. Along … Details

  • Fumiko Hayashi

    Fumiko Hayashi 林芙美子

    Fumiko Hayashi  (1903–1951) was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, the illegitimate daughter of an itinerant peddler, and experienced abject poverty as a child. After finishing school she moved to Tokyo to write, but barely managed … Details

  • Kirin Hayashi

    Kirin Hayashi 林木林

    Kirin Hayashi was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture. She is a poet, picture-book author, and wordplay artist. A strong proponent of bringing more poetry to daily life, she gives readings of her poems on TV, radio, … Details

  • Noriko Hayashi

    Noriko Hayashi (1957–) is the director of Hello Rabbit and Cavy Clinic. In 1979 she graduated from the School of Veterinary Medicine at Rakuno Gakuen University. She established Hello Animal Hospital in 1985 after gaining … Details

  • Kaori Hayashi

    Kaori Hayashi 林佳里

    Kaori Hayashi is an illustrator and designer affiliated with Kyōda Creation Co., Ltd. She takes on a wide variety of design and picture-book projects. … Details

  • Tamae Hayashibara

    Tamae Hayashibara 林原玉枝

    Tamae Hayashibara (1948–) was born in Hiroshima Prefecture. She works as an author of children's books and kamishibai (paper panel stories). She received the Kenbuchi Picture Book Grand Prize in 1991 for Obaasan … Details

  • Kouei Hazuki

    Kouei Hazuki はづき虹映

    Kouei Hazuki (1960–) was born in Hyōgo Prefecture and graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University with a degree in economics. He worked in the sales promotion office of a major department store before leaving … Details

  • Yo Hemmi

    Yo Hemmi 辺見庸

    Yo Hemmi (1944–)  graduated from Waseda University, then went to work for Kyodo News Service, serving as Beijing correspondent and Hanoi bureau chief along the way. He earned a name as a top-flight journalist, winning the … Details

  • Yoshimitsu Hiejima

    Yoshimitsu Hiejima 比江島欣慎

    Yoshimitsu Hiejima (1966–) was born in Miyazaki Prefecture. After completing his undergraduate degree in the Faculty of Mathematics at Kyushu University in 1989, he joined Banyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (now MSD) and spent the next … Details

  • Kumiko Higami

    Kumiko Higami 樋上公実子

    Kumiko Higami (1963-) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University with a degree in German literature and linguistics. Her creative activities include paintings, book covers, package design, picture books, art collections, and … Details

  • Chikara Higashi

    Chikara Higashi ひがしちから

    Chikara Higashi (1972–) was born in Oita Prefecture and graduated from the University of Tsukuba with a degree in art. He worked as a graphic designer before becoming a picture-book author. After taking … Details

  • Kunpei Higashi

    Kunpei Higashi (1940–1986) was a native of Kobe. He made his debut as a paper-cut manga artist in magazines at the age of 22, and the following year he scored a hit with … Details

  • Naoko Higashi

    Naoko Higashi ひがしなおこ

    Naoko Higashi  (1966–) was born in Hiroshima. In addition to authoring picture books, she is a writer of tanka (the traditional Japanese 31-syllable poem) as well as of fiction. She received the Kadan Prize … Details

  • Tokuya Higashigawa

    Tokuya Higashigawa  (1968–)  debuted in 2002 with a novel that won him the Kappa-ONE Newcomers Prize in a contest open to the general public. Since then, he has concentrated solely on writing humorous mysteries, a … Details

  • Keigo Higashino

    Keigo Higashino 東野圭吾

    Keigo Higashino (1958–) is arguably Japan's biggest bestseller machine today. After graduating from college with a technical degree he went to work for an auto-parts maker as an engineer, but wrote fiction on … Details

  • Ichiyo Higuchi

    Ichiyo Higuchi 樋口一葉

    Ichiyo Higuchi  (1872–1896) was born in Tokyo to the family of a low-ranking civil servant shortly after the Meiji Restoration. She withdrew from elementary school in accordance with her mother's wishes that she learn … Details

  • Tomoko Higuchi

    Tomoko Higuchi ひぐちともこ

    Tomoko Higuchi (1954–) was born in Osaka. After a stint working for a trading firm, she now works as an illustrator while writing books on the side, setting many of her works in … Details

  • Nobumoto Higuchi

    Nobumoto Higuchi 樋口修資

    Nobumoto Higuchi (1953–) graduated from the Faculty of Education at the University of Tokyo and joined the Ministry of Education in 1976. After rising to become director of the Sports and Youth Bureau … Details