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About Us

Books from Japan is operated by the Foundation for the Advancement of Juvenile Education in Japan (FAJE). Since its launch in June 2012, the site has actively promoted the translation, publication, and rights sales of Japanese literature overseas. For the first five years Books from Japan was operated by the nonprofit Japanese Literature Publishing and Promotion Center (J-Lit Center). Upon the closure of the center at the end of March 2017, administration of the site was transferred to FAJE. Established in 1967, FAJE is funded by the publishing house Shogakukan Inc. In accordance with Shogakukan’s founding credo that “Elementary education is fundamental to Japan’s culture, so teaching schoolchildren is a task of primary importance,” FAJE has long engaged in activities related to juvenile education, special needs education, and publishing. Today the foundation also provides assistance to over 60 organizations engaged in similar activities. With FAJE’s support, Books from Japan will continue its efforts to introduce the best works of Japanese fiction, nonfiction, and children’s and young adult literature to readers, editors and publishers overseas, and to facilitate the sale of translation and publishing rights.