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Intoxicating Flowers

花酔ひ (Hana yoiby Yuka Murayama

    Almost before her clothes were off, Asako kept coming. Kiritani's mouth stopped her breath, his fingers pinched her nipples, now gently and now hard, and that was enough: white lights flashed again and again through her head, and her hips jerked in a most unladylike way, like a locust.

    Just where they were and how they got there, she couldn't have said, but at the end of some quiet, residential street Kiritani had pulled into a love hotel. He'd grabbed her by the wrist and half-dragged her into a guest room, then abruptly swept her into his arms. What was different this time was that the room lights were all on.
    "Turn off the lights, please," she said.    
    "Oh no. Then I couldn't see you."

    While he undressed her she kept on pleading; he switched off the ceiling and wall lights, but the bedside lamp he insisted on keeping lit.
    "I want to see you, see your face when you come."
    "I don't want you to."
    "Doesn't matter. I won't let you hide. Show me."

    His husky voice penetrated deep in her ear along with the tip of his hot tongue, while with the ball of his finger he stroked her center. Each time she came, hips shaking and bucking, he brought his face, minus glasses, close to hers and peered into her eyes.
    "Why don't you make any sound?"
    Asako shook her head violently.
    "This is a love hotel. Don't hold back. Let me hear you."
    Another firm shake of the head. Hazily, her vision blurry, she saw him smile with his eyes.
    "Stubborn little thing, aren't you."

    Before she knew it, he had already spread her legs apart. He brought his hips between them, reached his hand down and drove himself straight into her. Dull pain, pressure, and then, surpassing all else, fierce pleasure. She couldn't hold back any longer: something like a scream finally escaped her mouth, and as if in answer Kiritani shouted out, too.

    In all her life she'd never known that sex could feel this good. No matter how many times she came, it was never enough. She wanted to stay the way they were forever.

    In the back of her eyes, the cherry tree she'd seen before went into riotous bloom, then let its petals drift. Her voice, making embarrassing pleas over and over as if in delirium, sounded in her ears from far away. She couldn't stop. There was no way to stop. Wild pleasure coursed through her, tumbling downhill faster and faster, and her body had no brakes.
    That was the word she shrieked.
    "No. Go on and lose yourself in it, die."
    "No, help ... please!"
    "Look at me."
    Her breath ragged, she forced her eyes open, and his face was there on top of hers, their noses almost brushing.
    "Feel good?"
    She nodded many times.
    "Bet you wonder why I didn't do it sooner."
    She nodded for all she was worth. That same moment, he lifted her up, and another scream escaped.

    Crying out, almost weeping, she writhed and arched her back while for a time he observed her with a gaze that might have been either cruel or sweet; then finally, when he had seen his fill, he stopped moving, let out a deep sigh, and closed his eyes.

    She felt his weight on her. The arms around her slowly tightened.

    A tear slipped from the corner of her eye and ran down her cheek. It wasn't only physical desire. Their hearts were truly entwined, and knowing this filled her with such blinding happiness...
    "Your body doesn't know anything yet." His voice was quiet.
    "You're thinking you've never known anything like this before, right? And that this is all there is."
    "Th- there's more?"
    "Are you crazy? This is only the start."

    Kiritani raised himself on his elbow and looked down at Asako.
    "You want to dive deeper?"
    She looked up into his eyes. Nodded wordlessly.
    "You want me to do lots more to you?"

    Tears she couldn't hold back stinging her eyes, she nodded.
    "Then say, 'I want it.'"
    "I ..."
    What am I doing? Somewhere the thought arose, but her mind no longer belonged to her.
    " ... want ... it."
    At this almost inaudible whisper, Kiritani began moving again.

(Translated by Juliet W. Carpenter)