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  • Satoshi Azuchi

    Satoshi Azuchi  (1937–) was born in Tokyo. After graduating from the University of Tokyo's Faculty of Law, he joined the major trading firm Sumitomo Corporation. In 1970 he was sent to work at the … Details

  • Naomi Azuma

    Naomi Azuma 東直己

    Naomi Azuma  (1956–) was born in Sapporo. He dropped out of Hokkaido University, where he majored in philosophy, and worked in construction, bill posting, and as an editor of small local magazines until 1992, … Details

  • Hiroki Azuma

    Hiroki Azuma 東浩紀

    Hiroki Azuma  (1971–) majored in modern philosophy and social information theory at Tokyo University. He made his debut as a critic while still a student when his critique of Solzhenitsyn was published in a … Details

  • Noboru Baba

    Noboru Baba 馬場のぼる

    Noboru Baba  (1927–2001) was born in Aomori Prefecture. In 1949 he moved to Tokyo to begin a career as a manga artist, soon making a name for himself drawing manga for young boys. His … Details

  • Masako Bandō

    Masako Bandō 坂東眞砂子

    Masako Bandō (1958–2014) was born in Kōchi Prefecture on the island of Shikoku. After graduating from college, she studied architecture and design in Milan, Italy, for two years before returning to Japan and … Details

  • Midori Bashō

    Midori Bashō 芭蕉みどり

    Midori Bashō was born in Tokyo and took a job in graphic design after graduating from Waseda University. Now a freelance illustrator, she authors and draws her own picture books, most notably the Timothy and Sarah … Details

  • Arthur Binard

    Arthur Binard アーサー・ビナード

    Arthur Binard  (1967–) is a poet. Born in Michigan in the United States, he came to Japan in 1990 upon graduation from university, and began writing poetry and prose in Japanese. His poetry collection … Details

  • Etsuko Bushika

    Etsuko Bushika 武鹿悦子

    Etsuko Bushika (1928–) was born in Tokyo. A children’s author and poet in her own right, she has also translated numerous juvenile titles from overseas. Her poetry collections include Kowareta omocha (Broken Toys) … Details

  • Manlio Cadelo

    Manlio Cadelo マンリオ・カデロ

    Manlio Cadelo is the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of San Marino as well as Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Japan. Born in Siena, Italy, he attended the Sorbonne in Paris to … Details

  • Mohamed Charinda

    Mohamed Charinda モハメッド・チャリンダ

    Mohamed Charinda (1947–) was born in Nakpanya village in southern Tanzania. He has been painting in the Tingatinga style originated by Tanzanian painter Edward Tingatinga (1932–72) since 1975, and is known for his … Details

  • Fang-Sik Che

    Fang-Sik Che 蔡晃植

    Fang-Sik Che (1960–) is a professor in the Department of Bioscience, Faculty of Bioscience, Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology. He specializes in applied bio-agricultural science, plant science, and bioorganic chemistry. Besides many other projects, … Details

  • Akane Chihaya

    Akane Chihaya 千早茜

    Akane Chihaya (1979–) was born in Hokkaido. As a child she spent over half of her grade-school years in Zambia, where her father’s work as a veterinarian took the family; encouraged to read … Details

  • Mikito Chinen

    Mikito Chinen 知念実希人

    Mikito Chinen (1978–) was born in Okinawa Prefecture and graduated from the Jikei University School of Medicine in Tokyo. He is a practicing internist, and the son and grandson of physicians. Although he chose a … Details

  • Shinta Chō

    Shinta Chō 長新太

    Shinta Chō (1927–2005) was a native of Tokyo and landed a job at the Tokyo Nichi Nichi newspaper by winning a cartoon contest in 1948. The following year he made his debut as … Details

  • Shinta Chō

    Shinta Chō 長新太

    Shinta Chō (1927–2005) was a native of Tokyo and landed a job at the Tokyo Nichi Nichi newspaper by winning a cartoon contest in 1948. The following year he made his debut as … Details

  • Aya Daido

    Aya Daido 大道あや

    Aya Daido  (1909–2010) was born in Hiroshima and is the younger sister of Iri Maruki of Hiroshima Panels fame. A graduate of Yasuda Girls' School in Hiroshima, she was 36 at the time of … Details

  • Tamaki Daido

    Tamaki Daido 大道珠貴

    Tamaki Daido (1966–) debuted as an author with her 2000 short story Hadaka (Naked), winning the literary prize in a Kyushu arts festival contest open to local residents. This entry was also nominated … Details

  • Iku Dekune

    Iku Dekune 出久根育

    Iku Dekune  (1969–) was born in Tokyo and studied printmaking at Musashino Art University. In addition to writing and illustrating children’s books, she is well known as a copperplate artist. She won a place … Details

  • Shun’ichi Dōba

    Shun’ichi Dōba 堂場瞬一

    Shun’ichi Dōba (1963–) graduated from college and began his journalistic career at Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan’s largest-circulation daily, where he worked at the city desk as well as other posts. In his thirties he … Details

  • Sonoe Dogaki

    Sonoe Dogaki 堂垣園江

    Sonoe Dogaki (1960–)  was a bookworm as a child and began writing her own fiction around the time she turned 30. Many of her works draw on her experience of living in Canada from … Details