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  • Marutan

    Marutan マルタン

    Marutan is the name of the creative husband-wife team of Tetsu (1951-) and Shizuko (1953-) Gotō, both natives of Tokyo. Tetsu earned a graduate degree in printmaking from Tokyo University of the Arts, and Shizuko … Details

  • Goma

    Goma Goma

    Goma is the name of a creative team formed in 1998 by Mika Araki and Ryōko Nakamura. In addition to developing innovative recipes, the two women produce food-themed accessories as well as picture books, and … Details

  • Jin Fukazawa

    Jin Fukazawa 深沢仁

    Jin Fukazawa made his literary debut in 2011 by winning the Konorano Award Excellence Prize for R.I.P.: Tenshi wa kagami to dangan o idaku (Rest in Pieces: Angel with Mirror and Bullet). Other titles include … Details

  • Yukihito Masuura

    Yukihito Masuura 増浦行仁

    Yukihito Masuura (1963–) was born in Osaka. He moved to France in 1981 and became an assistant to the legendary Vogue Paris photographer Guy Bourdin in 1983. In 1987 he exhibited at the annual Salon … Details

  • Jinco

    Jinco JINCO

    Jinco graduated from Seisen University with a degree in Japanese literature, and began her career as a product planner at San-x, known for its stationery and other merchandise featuring a variety of cute characters. She … Details

  • Tupera Tupera

    Tupera Tupera tupera tupera

    Tupera Tupera is the pseudonym adopted by Tatsuya Kameyama (b. 1976 in Mie Prefecture; graduate of Musashino Art University) and Atsuko Nakagawa (b. 1978 in Kyoto; graduate of Tama Art University), who have been working … Details

  • Kōhei Yamashita

    Kōhei Yamashita やましたこうへい

    Kōhei Yamashita (1971–) graduated from the Fine Arts Department at the Osaka University of Arts and works as a graphic designer, character products designer, and picture-book author under the design label “mountain mountain.” He is … Details