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  • Yūko Yuzuki

    Yūko Yuzuki 柚月裕子

    Yūko Yuzuki (1968–) was born in Iwate Prefecture. She worked as a freelance writer before winning the 2008 Konomys Award and making her literary debut with the suspense novel Rinshō shinri (Clinical Truth). … Details

  • Zoomadanke

    Zoomadanke ZOOMADANKE

    Zoomadanke is the name of a kendama (cup-and-ball) performance duo comprising Kodaman (1980–) and Easy (1990–). They perform over 100 shows a year combining their kendama virtuosity with music and dance, and are otherwise engaged in … Details

  • Kimiko Aman

    Kimiko Aman あまんきみこ

    Kimiko Aman (1931–) was born in Dalian, China, and graduated from Japan Women's University in Tokyo. After enrolling in a creative writing class for children's stories sponsored by the Japan Association of Writers … Details

  • Mariko Ishikawa

    Mariko Ishikawa いしかわ☆まりこ

    Mariko Ishikawa was born in Chiba. She graduated from the toy design department of a technical school and began her career at a toy maker, working in planning and design. After subsequent stints making children’s … Details

  • Shūichi Yoshida

    Shūichi Yoshida 吉田修一

    Shūichi Yoshida (1968–) hails from Nagasaki Prefecture, but moved to Tokyo to go to college. After working in a variety of jobs, including as a swimming instructor, he wrote Saigo no musuko (The … Details

  • Seigo Kijima

    Seigo Kijima 木島誠悟

    Seigo Kijima (1949–) was born in the eastern Hokkaido city of Kushiro. He started showing his illustrations while still a student at Tokyo Design College, and had his work selected by a series … Details

  • Hatsumi Chigira

    Hatsumi Chigira 千明初美

    Hatsumi Chigira (1951–) was born in Gunma Prefecture. She began drawing manga when she was still in high school. After publishing numerous manga stories in the magazine Ribon (Ribbon), she turned to drawing educational manga. … Details

  • Hungry Grizzly

    Hungry Grizzly はらぺこグリズリー

    Hungry Grizzly is a 20-something male food blogger. Two months after starting his blog in 2014, he uploaded “How to Make the Most Delicious Seasoned Boiled Egg in the World,” which was shared 30,000 times … Details

  • Hiromi Nema

    Hiromi Nema 根間弘海

    Hiromi Nema (1943–) is a professor at the Senshū University School of Business Administration. His academic field of specialization is English phonetics and phonology, but he also has interests in Judaism and sumo. His writings … Details

  • Masanori Inui

    Masanori Inui イヌイマサノリ

    Masanori Inui (1983-) was born in Hyōgo Prefecture and graduated from the Kanazawa College of Art with a degree in oil painting. He worked as a high-school art teacher for a time before quitting his … Details

  • Michio Mado

    Michio Mado まどみちお

    Michio Mado (1909–2014) was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture. He lived in Taiwan from the age of ten until he was drafted into the military, after which he spent the war years in various … Details

  • Musashino University Institute of Politics and Economics

    The authors belong to the Tokyo Waterfront City Research Team affiliated with the Musashino University Institute of Politics and Economics. The eight-member team is headed by university president and Faculty of Political Science and Economics … Details

  • Tupera Tupera

    Tupera Tupera tupera tupera

    Tupera Tupera is the pseudonym adopted by Tatsuya Kameyama (b. 1976 in Mie Prefecture; graduate of Musashino Art University) and Atsuko Nakagawa (b. 1978 in Kyoto; graduate of Tama Art University), who have been working … Details

  • Anela

    Anela アネラ

    Anela was born in Japan but lives in Honolulu, where she works as an animal communicator. After growing up in Tokyo surrounded by animals, she left for the United States at age 19 to study. … Details

  • Nansen Oshō

    Nansen Oshō 南泉和尚

    Nansen Oshō (1959–) was appointed to the prestigious position of head priest of Jigenji temple in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture in 1998. He has made it his mission to spread Buddhist teachings to the … Details

  • Seigaku

    Seigaku 星覚

    Seigaku (1981–) is a practicing Zen monk. During his time at Eiheiji temple, a Zen Buddhist monastery that dates back to the 13th century, he was deeply inspired by the daily rituals centered … Details

  • Mami Sunada

    Mami Sunada 砂田麻美

    Mami Sunada (1978–) was born in Tokyo and is a documentary filmmaker. She received numerous awards, including the 2011 New Directors Award from the Directors Guild of Japan, for her directorial debut—Endingu nōto (Ending Note: … Details

  • Yoshimitsu Nagasaka

    Yoshimitsu Nagasaka (1948–) is a photographer who was born in Kōyasan, Wakayama Prefecture. He earned his undergraduate degree at Osaka University of Arts. Choosing religion and culture as his focus, since around 1970 he has … Details

  • Ren Inaizumi

    Ren Inaizumi 稲泉連

    Ren Inaizumi (1979–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Waseda University. He made his writerly debut while still in college with the book Boku no kōkō chūtai manyuaru (My High School Dropout Manual). He … Details

  • Hideaki Kitajima

    Hideaki Kitajima 北嶋秀明

    Hideaki Kitajima (1945–) was born in Tokyo. His architectural firm has had a hand in numerous construction projects both at home and abroad. After working as a Japan International Cooperation Agency Research Fellow as well … Details