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  • Tomoko Egami

    Tomoko Egami えがみともこ

    Tomoko Egami (1946–) was born in Fukuoka Prefecture; she now lives in Okinawa and teaches at Okinawa International University, her specialty being ethnology. She has collaborated with photographer Kotaro Kojima on such books … Details

  • Michiko Egashira

    Michiko Egashira えがしらみちこ

    Michiko Egashira (1978–) was born in Fukuoka Prefecture and graduated from Kumamoto University with a degree in education. Her solo picture books include Amefuri sanpo (A Walk in the Rain), San san sanpo … Details

  • Tōru Eguchi

    Tōru Eguchi 江口徹

    Tōru Eguchi (1948–) is a particle physics researcher born in Ibaraki. In 1972 he completed his doctorate in physics at the Graduate School of Science of the University of Tokyo. Currently he is a professor … Details

  • Kaori Ekuni

    Kaori Ekuni 江國香織

    Kaori Ekuni (1964–) is the daughter of essayist and haiku poet Shigeru Ekuni, and grew up writing poems and children’s stories. She studied for a year in the United States after finishing college, … Details

  • Fumiko Enchi

    Fumiko Enchi 円地文子

    Fumiko Enchi  (1905–1986) was born in Tokyo to the family of a prominent Japanese philologist, and familiarized herself with classical Japanese literature from an early age. She started writing plays in the 1920s and … Details

  • Kaoru Endō

    Kaoru Endō 遠藤薫

    Kaoru Endō (1952–) is a professor in the Gakushūin University Faculty of Law, specializing in theoretical sociology, social informatics, and social simulation. She earned her BA from the University of Tokyo in 1977, … Details

  • Tamaki Endo

    Tamaki Endo 遠藤環

    Tamaki Endo (1975–) is an associate professor in the Faculty of Economics, Saitama University, Japan. Her research fields include applied economics, area studies, and gender. Current subjects include global value chain analysis in … Details

  • Toh EnJoe

    Toh EnJoe 円城塔

    Toh EnJoe  (1972–) was born in Hokkaido. While studying for a physics degree at Tohoku University, he was active in the Sci-Fi Study Group and read both science fiction and Latin American literature. After … Details

  • Lily Franky

    Lily Franky リリー・フランキー

    Lily Franky  (1963–) is a Japanese male who uses a foreign female pen name. Born and raised in northern Kyushu, he graduated from Musashino Art University in Tokyo and began working as an illustrator … Details

  • Machiko Fuji

    Machiko Fuji was born in Tokyo and graduated from Tokyo Woman’s Christian University. She made her debut as a children’s author in 1985 with Majoko donna ko fushigi na ko (Who Is Magical Majoko?), a … Details

  • Tamotsu Fujii

    Tamotsu Fujii 藤井保

    Tamotsu Fujii (1949–) is a professional photographer. He established Tamotsu Fujii Photography in 1976. He has won numerous awards for his work, including a Mainichi Design Award, an Asahi Advertising Award, the Tokyo … Details

  • Taiyō Fujii

    Taiyō Fujii 藤井太洋

    Taiyō Fujii (1971–) was born on the island of Amami Ōshima in Kagoshima Prefecture. After stints as a stage designer, DTP producer, and graphic director, he was working for a software developer in 2012 when … Details

  • Tomohiko Fujimoto

    Tomohiko Fujimoto 藤本ともひこ

    Tomohiko Fujimoto (1961–) was born in Tokyo. Making it his credo to "engage the whole child with the book," he has created works that range from picture books for infants to storybooks for … Details

  • Kaori Fujino

    Kaori Fujino 藤野可織

    Kaori Fujino (1980–) was born in Kyoto and completed a master's degree in aesthetics and art at Doshisha University, writing her thesis on the renowned photographer Ihei Kimura. She worked at an editorial … Details

  • Megumi Fujino

    Megumi Fujino 藤野恵美

    Megumi Fujino (1978–) was born in Osaka and graduated from Osaka University of Arts. She writes for both children and adults, and across a broad range of genres. She made her literary debut … Details

  • Koichi Fujishiro

    Koichi Fujishiro 藤代幸一

    Koichi Fujishiro (1932–) was born in Tokyo and is a specialist in German Literature. He is currently professor emeritus at Tokyo Metropolitan University. … Details

  • Yoshinaga Fujita

    Yoshinaga Fujita 藤田宜永

    Yoshinaga Fujita  (1950–) left university before graduating and lived with a French woman he met in Tokyo, a relationship that took him to Paris in 1973. There he found work with Air France while … Details

  • Issho Fujita

    Issho Fujita 藤田一照

    Issho Fujita (1954–) withdrew from the PhD program in psychology at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Education to enter the Soto Zen monastery Antaiji. In 1987 he became the resident teacher … Details

  • Shinsaku Fujita

    Shinsaku Fujita ふじたしんさく

    Shinsaku Fujita (1956–) was born in Shizuoka Prefecture and graduated from Musashino Art University with a degree in visual communication design. He has established himself as one of Japan’s most popular and talented … Details

  • Kōichirō Fujita

    Kōichirō Fujita 藤田紘一郎

    Kōichirō Fujita (1939–) was born in Manchuria and grew up in Mie Prefecture. He did his undergraduate work at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and earned his MD in the Graduate School of … Details