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  • Takao Yoguchi

    Takao Yoguchi よぐちたかお

    Takao Yoguchi (1945–) graduated from Tama Art University with a degree in design. After beginning his career at a printing company, he established himself as a graphic designer, illustrator, and typographer. Composite designs … Details

  • Masanao Yokozeki

    Masanao Yokozeki 横関正直

    Masanao Yokozeki (1935–) , D.Agr., completed his degree at the Kyoto University Graduate School of Agriculture and joined the pharmaceutical company Eisai in 1963. Beginning in 1966, he became involved in the development of … Details

  • Makoto Yokotsuka

    Makoto Yokotsuka 横塚眞己人

    Makoto Yokotsuka (1957–) was born in Yokohama. From 1985 until 1994 he lived on Iriomote Island in Okinawa and photographed the flora and fauna native to the island, with particular attention to the … Details

  • Kotoko Yokohari

    Kotoko Yokohari 横張琴子

    Kotoko Yokohari (1933–) is a speech, language, and hearing therapist. She graduated from the School of Arts and Sciences at Tokyo Woman’s Christian University in 1955, and completed a research program in child studies at … Details

  • Rika Yokomori

    Rika Yokomori 横森理香

    Rika Yokomori  (1963–) has published over 30 books in the last ten years, ranging through novels, essays, travel writing, reportage, and female-oriented self-help books. Her top-ranking work of fiction is EAT & LOVE—"a tale … Details

  • Minako Yokomori

    Minako Yokomori 横森美奈子

    Minako Yokomori (1949–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from the Kuwasawa Design School. She worked as a fashion designer for such women’s apparel brands as Melrose, Half Moon, and smart pink before striking out … Details

  • Hideo Yokoyama

    Hideo Yokoyama 横山秀夫

    Hideo Yokoyama (1957–) worked as an investigative reporter with a regional newspaper north of Tokyo for 12 years before striking out on his own as a fiction writer. He made his literary debut … Details

  • Kazuko Yokoyama

    Kazuko Yokoyama 横山和子

    Kazuko Yokoyama is a professor in the Department of Business Administration and the Graduate School of Business Administration at Toyo Gakuen University, specializing in Human Resource Management and Career Development. She is also an adjunct lecturer … Details

  • Hirotaka Yoshioka

    Hirotaka Yoshioka 吉岡宏高

    Hirotaka Yoshioka (1963–) grew up in a mining community in Mikasa, Hokkaido. After graduating from Fukushima University with an economics degree, he completed a graduate program in community management at Sapporo Gakuin University. … Details

  • Shosen Yoshikawa

    Shosen Yoshikawa 吉川蕉仙

    Shosen Yoshikawa (1938–) is a native of Kyoto. He graduated from Kyoto Gakugei University (the present-day Kyoto University of Education) with a degree in calligraphy, and is now professor emeritus at Kyoto Tachibana … Details

  • Shinsuke Yoshitake

    Shinsuke Yoshitake ヨシタケシンスケ

    Shinsuke Yoshitake (1973–) was born in Kanagawa Prefecture. He completed a graduate degree in plastic arts and mixed media at the University of Tsukuba. In addition to working as a commercial artist and … Details

  • Shinsuke Yoshitake

    Shinsuke Yoshitake ヨシタケシンスケ

    Shinsuke Yoshitake  (1973–) was born in Kanagawa Prefecture. He completed a graduate degree in plastic arts and mixed media at the University of Tsukuba. In addition to working as a commercial artist and producing … Details

  • Shūichi Yoshida

    Shūichi Yoshida 吉田修一

    Shūichi Yoshida (1968–) hails from Nagasaki Prefecture, but moved to Tokyo to go to college. After working in a variety of jobs, including as a swimming instructor, he wrote Saigo no musuko (The … Details

  • Nobuyuki Yoshida

    Nobuyuki Yoshida 吉田伸之

    Nobuyuki Yoshida  (1947–) is a professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo. Born in Tokyo, he graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Letters in 1972 and completed his master's degree at the university’s … Details

  • Hiroaki Yoshida

    Hiroaki Yoshida 吉田広明

    Hiroaki Yoshida (1964–) is a film critic. The books he has written or contributed to include B-kyu nowaru ron—Hariuddo tenkanki no kyosho-tachi (B-Movie Noir: The Masters of a Hollywood in Transition), Jimu Jamusshu (Jim Jarmusch), … Details

  • Sarasa Yoshida

    Sarasa Yoshida 吉田さらさ

    Sarasa Yoshida was born in Gifu Prefecture. She is a researcher of shrines and temples. After graduating from Waseda University with a degree in art history, she worked as an editor for women’s magazines for … Details

  • Takeshi Yoshida

    Takeshi Yoshida (1956-), D.Eng., is a science writer. Born in Osaka Prefecture, he graduated in Applied Mathematics and Physics from the Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University, and is engaged in the renewal of science and … Details

  • Hiroshi Yoshino

    Hiroshi Yoshino (1948–) was born in Tokyo and is a doctor of engineering. He was an assistant at the Tokyo University Institute of Industrial Science before joining the faculty of the Tohoku University … Details

  • Motoko Yoshinobu

    Motoko Yoshinobu よしのぶもとこ

    Motoko Yoshinobu was born in Kyoto, and graduated from the Kyoto Seika University Faculty of Design. Kyoto remains her home today. She has worked widely as an illustrator of grade-school level textbooks and supplemental learning materials. … Details

  • Man'ichi Yoshimura

    Man'ichi Yoshimura  (1961–) continues to teach at a high school in Osaka Prefecture while he pursues his writing career, which he began after entering the classroom. He published his first works in a private … Details