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  • Kei Yuikawa

    Kei Yuikawa 唯川恵

    Kei Yuikawa  (1955–) is a standard bearer among Japanese authors writing of love and romance. After working at a bank for a decade out of college, she made her writerly debut in 1984 by winning … Details

  • Miri Yū

    Miri Yū 柳美里

    Miri Yū (1968–) is a citizen of South Korea born and raised in Japan as a permanent resident, and is one of the best-known Zainichi (“resident in Japan”) Korean authors writing in Japanese … Details

  • Ilhyong Ryu

    Ilhyong Ryu 柳日馨

    Ryu Ilhyong (1951–) completed the latter part of his doctorate thesis in engineering at the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Japan Society for the Promotion … Details

  • Mitsutaka Yuki

    Mitsutaka Yuki 結城充考

    Mitsutaka Yuki (1970–) was born in Saitama Prefecture. He became an avid reader of period novels and science fiction while in high school, and was subsequently involved with independent filmmaking before trying his … Details

  • Hiroshi Yūki

    Hiroshi Yūki 結城浩

    Hiroshi Yūki (1963–) is a technical writer and programmer who lives in Tokyo. Besides writing about programming and other high-tech subjects for magazines, he also works as a translator and is the author … Details

  • Rika Yukimasa

    Rika Yukimasa 行正り香

    Rika Yukimasa (1966–) was born in Fukuoka Prefecture. A chef and culinary researcher, she traces her deep interest in cooking back to when she prepared meals for her host family as a high … Details

  • Takeshi Yuzawa

    Takeshi Yuzawa (1940–) is a professor emeritus at Gakushuin Univesity. Born in Chiba Prefecture, he graduated from Kyoto University, where he majored in western history, then earned his doctorate in economics at Hitotsubashi … Details

  • Asako Yuzuki

    Asako Yuzuki 柚木麻子

    Asako Yuzuki (1981–) was born in Tokyo. When she first learned to read as a child, she started with books by authors from overseas. She was especially fond of Swedish author Astrid Lindgren’s … Details

  • Ruriko Yuzuhara

    Ruriko Yuzuhara 柚原瑠璃子

    Ruriko Yuzuhara (1955–) was born in Shizuoka Prefecture. After withdrawing from the Literature Department of Bunka Gakuin, she worked at a publishing house and as a freelance writer before turning to fiction. Kansatsu-i … Details

  • Yūko Yuzuki

    Yūko Yuzuki 柚月裕子

    Yūko Yuzuki (1968–) was born in Iwate Prefecture. She worked as a freelance writer before winning the 2008 Konomys Award and making her literary debut with the suspense novel Rinshō shinri (Clinical Truth). … Details

  • Kyusaku Yumeno

    Kyusaku Yumeno 夢野久作

    Kyusaku Yumeno  (1889–1936) was the son of Shigemaru Sugiyama, a prominent figure in Meij-era ultranationalist politics. After Yumeno dropped out of Keio University, he managed a farm, then worked at many occupations: as a … Details

  • Baku Yumemakura

    Baku Yumemakura  (1951–) is known in Japan as a rabid fan of pro wrestling and combat sports, and also as a fisherman, mountain climber, and world traveler who frequently incorporates his adventures into his … Details

  • Kazumi Yumoto

    Kazumi Yumoto 湯本香樹実

    Kazumi Yumoto (1959–)  was born in Tokyo and graduated from the Tokyo College of Music with a degree in composition. She began her career writing radio and television scripts, then made her debut as … Details