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  • Sumiko Yagawa

    Sumiko Yagawa 矢川澄子

    Sumiko Yagawa (1930–2002) was born in Tokyo and worked as an author, poet, and translator during her life. She studied art history at the University of Tokyo but did not complete a degree. … Details

  • Takeshi Yagi

    Takeshi Yagi 八木毅

    Takeshi Yagi (1970–) is chief researcher of the Network Security Project, NTT Secure Platform Laboratories. He holds a doctorate in information science. … Details

  • Gen'ichiro Yagyu

    Gen'ichiro Yagyu 柳生弦一郎

    Gen'ichiro Yagyu (1943–) was born in Mie Prefecture and is a graduate of Setsu Mode Seminar. In 1967 he won the Kodansha Award for Illustration, for Hiroyuki Itsuki's novel Seinen wa koya o … Details

  • Machiko Yagyu

    Machiko Yagyu 柳生まち子

    Machiko Yagyu (1945–) was born in Kitakyushu. She graduated from the Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture and completed the Setsu Mode Seminar program before becoming an illustrator. Her first published picture … Details

  • Kosuke Yakubo

    Kosuke Yakubo 矢久保考介

    Kosuke Yakubo (1960–) , PhD, is a professor in the Graduate School of Engineering at Hokkaido University and a specialist in the physics of complex and random systems. … Details

  • Gaku Yakumaru

    Gaku Yakumaru 薬丸岳

    Gaku Yakumaru (1969–) was born in Hyōgo Prefecture. A movie buff from a young age, he began writing filmscripts when he was still in high school. He joined a major Tokyo theater company intending to … Details

  • Kanako Yaguchi

    Kanako Yaguchi 矢口加奈子

    Kanako Yaguchi  (1976–) graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design. She has been sharing her creative ideas for stencil motifs ever since mounting an exhibit under the title Yorokobi no katachi (Shapes of … Details

  • Yoshiko Yazama

    Yoshiko Yazama 矢間芳子

    Yoshiko Yazama (1945–) was born in northeastern China—the former Manchuria. While working in textile design, she began trying her hand at picture books about plants and insects. She has a special fondness for … Details

  • Emiko Yashiro

    Emiko Yashiro 八代恵美子

    Emiko Yashiro is a longtime editor, CEO, and content coordinator.  Over the years she has had a hand in the creation of books about food and women’s issues, as well as practical guidebooks. Beginning in … Details

  • Manami Yasui

    Manami Yasui 安井眞奈美

    Manami Yasui (1967–) was born in Kyoto and graduated from Osaka University with a degree in Japanese Studies. She went on to complete a Ph.D. at the Osaka University Graduate School of Letters, … Details

  • Nobuaki Yasui

    Nobuaki Yasui 安井伸顕

    Nobuaki Yasui was born in Hyōgo Prefecture and holds a PhD in engineering. He is a researcher for the Keisoku Research Consultant Corporation. … Details

  • Shotaro Yasuoka

    Shotaro Yasuoka 安岡章太郎

    Shotaro Yasuoka  (1920–2013) was born in Kochi Prefecture. The son of a veterinary corpsman in the Imperial Army, he experienced an early life of frequent moves from one military post to the next. Never … Details

  • Ken’ichi Yasuoka

    Ken’ichi Yasuoka (1979–) , D.Agr., graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture at Kyoto University in 2004 and completed his doctoral work at the same institution in 2009. He is currently a researcher at the … Details

  • Mamoru Yasuda

    Mamoru Yasuda 安田守

    Mamoru Yasuda (1963–) was born in Kyoto and earned a master's degree in earth sciences from the Chiba University Graduate School of Science. He subsequently taught middle- and high-school biology at Jiyunomori Gakuen … Details

  • Ryumon Yasuda

    Ryumon Yasuda 保田龍門

    Ryumon Yasuda (1891–1965) was born in Wakayama Prefecture, and graduated from the Tokyo School of Fine Arts (now Tokyo University of the Arts) in 1917 with a degree in European-style painting. The oil … Details

  • Haruhiko Yasuda

    Haruhiko Yasuda 保田春彦

    Haruhiko Yasuda (1930–) was born in Wakayama Prefecture, and graduated from the Tokyo School of Fine Arts (now Tokyo University of the Arts) in 1952 with a degree in sculpture. He moved to … Details

  • Shiro Yadama

    Shiro Yadama 矢玉四郎

    Shiro Yadama  (1944–) writes and illustrates children's literature. A native of Beppu in Oita Prefecture, he graduated from the Department of Design in the Faculty of Engineering at Chiba University. He worked as a … Details

  • Sumiko Yatsuka

    Sumiko Yatsuka 八束澄子

    Sumiko Yatsuka  (1950–) is a native of Innoshima in Hiroshima Prefecture. Her first work, set in a shipbuilding town and published in 1986, was Umi: Hitotsu no asa (The Sea One Morning). Oretachi no … Details

  • Koji Yanagi

    Koji Yanagi 柳広司

    Koji Yanagi  (1967–) began writing fiction in his mid-twenties following four years of other employment out of college. He took on manual jobs to support himself while trying out for literary prizes, making his … Details

  • Mika Yanagihara

    Mika Yanagihara 柳原三佳

    Mika Yanagihara (1963–) is a journalist and nonfiction author. She writes, speaks, and provides television commentary on traffic accidents and judicial issues, as well as medical malpractice (to which she lost her father, … Details