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  • Shōgo Mukai

    Shōgo Mukai 向井湘吾

    Shōgo Mukai (1989–) was born in Kanagawa Prefecture and graduated from the University of Tokyo. While in high school, he participated in the Japanese Math Olympics. He is particularly fascinated by number sequences. … Details

  • Atsushi Muta

    Atsushi Muta 牟田 淳

    Atsushi Muta (1968–) completed an undergraduate degree in physics at the University of Tokyo, where he also obtained his doctorate in science. As a science teacher and researcher in the Faculty of Arts … Details

  • Ruiko Muto

    Ruiko Muto 武藤類子

    Ruiko Muto (1953–) was born in Fukushima Prefecture. She cites the Chernobyl nuclear accident and her sister’s diagnosis with leukemia as the key factors that led her to become an antinuclear activist. After … Details

  • Tamae Murai

    Tamae Murai 村井玉枝

    Tamae Murai is representative director of the Nippon Keirakubics Association. She is certified as a Health Fitness Specialist by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and as a Fitness Instructor by the Japan Fitness … Details

  • Takashi Murai

    Takashi Murai 村井貴史

    Takashi Murai (1967–) was born in Osaka. He holds a PhD from the Kyoto University Graduate School of Agriculture. He is co-author of Batta, kōrogi, kirigirisu dai-zukan (Orthoptera of the Japanese Archipelago in Color) and … Details

  • Ryu Murakami

    Ryu Murakami 村上龍

    Ryu Murakami  (1952–) was born in Sasebo, in the shadow of a U.S. Navy base. He moved to Tokyo after finishing high school, eventually entering Musashino Art University, where he began writing fiction. He … Details

  • Kazuo Murakami

    Kazuo Murakami 村上和雄

    Kazuo Murakami  (1936–) is Professor Emeritus at the University of Tsukuba. He completed his doctorate in agricultural chemistry at the Kyoto University Graduate School of Agriculture in 1963 and went on to become a … Details

  • Yasunari Murakami

    Yasunari Murakami 村上康成

    Yasunari Murakami (1955–) was born in Gifu Prefecture and attended Aichi University of the Arts. After stints working at a publisher and a design firm, he decided to turn independent. An avid outdoorsman, … Details

  • Yuko Murakami

    Yuko Murakami 村上祐子

    Yuko Murakami was born in Tokyo and graduated from the Department of Childhood Care and Education, Toyo Eiwa College. She subsequently taught at Toyo Eiwa Kindergarten, Berkeley Hill Nursery School, and Hiratsuka Futaba Preschool. She … Details

  • Tsutomu Murakami

    Tsutomu Murakami was born in Hyogo Prefecture. His drawings for a new edition of famed juvenile author Satoru Sato's Dare mo shiranai chiisana kuni (A Little Country No One Knows) in 1964 represented his debut … Details

  • Yasunari Murakami

    Yasunari Murakami 村上 康成

    Yasunari Murakami  (1955–) was born in Gifu Prefecture and attended Aichi University of the Arts. After stints working at a publisher and a design firm, he decided to turn independent. An avid outdoorsman, he … Details

  • Kazuhiro Murakawa

    Kazuhiro Murakawa 村川和宏

    Kazuhiro Murakawa  (1970–)  was born in Yamagata Prefecture. He made his debut as a manga artist in 1999 with Ayumu no koma (Ayumu’s Pieces), a year-long series in the manga weekly Shōnen Sandē (Boys’ Sunday) about … Details

  • Kiyoko Murata

    Kiyoko Murata 村田喜代子

    Kiyoko Murata (1945–) is a native of Yawata in northern Kyushu. She was married with children and in her thirties before she seriously tried her hand at fiction writing. Her major breakthrough came … Details

  • Sayaka Murata

    Sayaka Murata 村田沙耶香

    Sayaka Murata (1979–) was a fan of manga and novels for girls and started writing fiction while still in elementary school. She became serious about her vocation during college, and made her debut as a … Details

  • Akira Murata

    Akira Murata 村田朗

    Akira Murata (1957–) , MD, graduated from Nippon Medical School. He was associate professor in the Department of Respiratory Medicine at Nippon Medical School before becoming head of the Ochanomizu Respiratory Care Clinic. Besides … Details

  • Mayuko Murata

    Mayuko Murata 村田繭子

    Mayuko Murata, a mother of two girls, has been posting her handmade clothing creations at "a sunny spot" on Facebook since 2003. She publishes frequently in sewing magazines, and her simple yet stylish designs for … Details

  • Susumu Muramatsu

    Susumu Muramatsu (1970–) graduated from the Saitama University Faculty of Liberal Arts in 1993, and completed a Ph.D. in the Doctoral Program in History and Anthropology at the University of Tsukuba in 2000. … Details

  • Yuka Murayama

    Yuka Murayama 村山由佳

    Yuka Murayama  (1964–) got off to an excellent start as a writer. In 1993 her debut novel, Tenshi no tamago: enjerusu eggu (Angel's Egg), won the Shosetsu Subaru New Writers' Award. This work went … Details

  • Saki Murayama

    Saki Murayama 村山早紀

    Saki Murayama (1963–) was born in Nagasaki Prefecture. She received the Mainichi Children’s Story New Writer Prize in 1991 and the Muku Hatojū Children’s Literature Prize in 1994 for Chiisai Eri-chan (Little Eri). … Details

  • Kazuo Muroi

    Kazuo Muroi 室井和男

    Kazuo Muroi (1954–) was born in Tochigi Prefecture and graduated from Tōhoku University with a degree in physics. After teaching at an exam prep school in Sendai for 31 years, he retired in … Details