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  • Shion Miura

    Shion Miura 三浦しをん

    Shion Miura  (1976–) , daughter of a well-known Japanese classics scholar, acquired her love of reading at a very young age. When, as a senior in the Faculty of Letters at Waseda University, she began … Details

  • Tetsuo Miura

    Tetsuo Miura 三浦哲郎

    Tetsuo Miura (1931–2010) was born in Aomori Prefecture. He worked for a while as a school instructor after dropping out of Waseda University, but when four of his five siblings committed suicide or … Details

  • Taro Miura

    Taro Miura 三浦太郎

    Taro Miura (1968–) was born in Aichi Prefecture and graduated from Osaka University of Arts. His work was selected for a domestic graphics exhibition while he was still a student. He has exhibited … Details

  • Toshihiko Miura

    Toshihiko Miura 三浦俊彦

    Toshihiko Miura (1958–) graduated from the Faculty of Business and Commerce at Keio University, and is currently a professor in the Faculty of Commerce at Chuo University. … Details

  • Fumiko Miura

    Fumiko Miura 三浦史子

    Fumiko Miura was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. While studying the theory and practice of art and design at university in Tokyo, she began traveling to various parts of the world, and later spent a … Details

  • En Mikami

    En Mikami 三上延

    En Mikami (1971–) was determined to become a writer after graduating from college, so he worked part time at second-hand record and book shops while writing on the side and submitting manuscripts to … Details

  • Taku Miki

    Taku Miki 三木 卓

    Taku Miki (1935–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Waseda University with a degree in Russian literature. A member of the Japan Art Academy, he is a poet, novelist, translator, and children's … Details

  • Tentou Mishima

    Tentou Mishima 三嶋典東

    Tentou Mishima (1948–2012) was an illustrator, graphic artist, and professor of visual communication design at Musashino Art University. He focused mainly on book and other design/illustration projects that made use of paper and … Details

  • Kazuo Mishima

    Kazuo Mishima 三島和夫

    Kazuo Mishima (1963–), MD, was born in Akita Prefecture and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Akita University in 1987. He is currently director of the Department of Psychophysiology in the National Center of … Details

  • Yoshiko Misumi

    Yoshiko Misumi ミスミヨシコ

    Yoshiko Misumi studied at the Tokyo University of the Arts. She is the illustrator of Otosan! Otosan! (Daddy, Daddy!; text by Hirotaka Nakagawa) and Warui koto ga shitai! (I Want to Be Bad!; text by Kotaro … Details

  • Tsutomu Mizukami

    Tsutomu Mizukami, also known as Tsutomu Minakami  (1919–2004) , was born into a destitute family in Fukui Prefecture. Sent away to live at a temple at the age of nine, he soon ran away, a flight … Details

  • Minori Mizukami

    Minori Mizukami 水上みのり

    Minori Mizukami  (1967–) was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. After completing an associate's degree in art, she worked as a designer for department stores and other large-scale retail facilities before resigning to enroll in Setsu … Details

  • Susumu Mizuta

    Susumu Mizuta 水田丞

    Susumu Mizuta (1978–), EngD, graduated from the Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering at Kagoshima University in 2001, and went on to earn his doctorate in the Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies at Kyushu University … Details

  • Mai Mizuno

    Mai Mizuno みずのまい

    Mai Mizuno was born in Kanagawa Prefecture. She withdrew from the College of Art at Nihon University without completing a degree. She made her publishing debut with her first novel, Onegai! Feari: Dame shogakusei, koi … Details

  • Yoshiko Mizuno

    Yoshiko Mizuno 水野佳子

    Yoshiko Mizuno (1971–) graduated from the Creative Apparel Design Department of Bunka Fashion College and worked in the design and planning sections of an apparel manufacturer before going freelance as a sewing designer. … Details

  • Koji Mizuno

    Koji Mizuno 水野幸治

    Koji Mizuno (1963–) , D.Eng., was born in Nagano Prefecture. After working at Nissan Motor Co. and the Ministry of Transport’s Traffic Safety and Nuisance Research Institute (now the independent National Traffic Safety and … Details

  • Minae Mizumura

    Minae Mizumura 水村美苗

    Minae Mizumura  (1951–) has written in an autobiographical vein in her second and third novels (see below), and both portrayals appear to be largely accurate. She moved to the United States with her family … Details

  • Katsutoshi Mise

    Katsutoshi Mise 三瀬勝利

    Katsutoshi Mise  (1938–) is an advisor at the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency. He previously held positions at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, headed the Hygiene and Microbiology Department at the National Institute … Details

  • Ryoko Misonoo

    Ryoko Misonoo 御園生涼子

    Ryoko Misonoo  (1975–) was born in Tokyo and received an undergraduate degree from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Letters in 1997, a postgraduate certificate (DEA) in arts from the University of Paris VIII in … Details

  • Yasuko Mitani

    Yasuko Mitani 三谷鳩子

    Yasuko Mitani (1946–) was born in Kyoto. She graduated from the University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo, in 1968 with a degree in English language and literature. In 1974 she enrolled in the Pastoral Studies … Details