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  • Mitsuki Hoshi

    Mitsuki Hoshi ほしみつき

    Mitsuki Hoshi (1973–) is a maker of hand-knitted or crocheted stuffed animals and dolls, known in Japan as amigurumi. Her creations range from dogs of every kind to a wide variety of other … Details

  • Sanae Hoshio

    Sanae Hoshio ほしおさなえ

    Sanae Hoshio (1964-) was born in Tokyo, the daughter of well-known translator and mystery critic Nobumitsu Kodaka. She worked for a publisher of scientific and technical books and as a university research assistant before becoming … Details

  • Hiroko Hoshikawa

    Hiroko Hoshikawa 星川ひろ子

    Hiroko Hoshikawa (1950–) was born in Tokyo. She is the author of numerous photo picture books for children. In 1996, she received a Japan Picture Book Award and the Kenbuchi Picture Book Grand … Details

  • Haruo Hoshikawa

    Haruo Hoshikawa 星川治雄

    Haruo Hoshikawa (1947–) was born in Tokyo, where he operates a photo studio and creates picture books jointly with his wife Hiroko. Their co-productions include Shota to natto (Shota and the Magical Beans), … Details

  • Tomoyuki Hoshino

    Tomoyuki Hoshino 星野智幸

    Tomoyuki Hoshino (1965–) was born in Los Angeles but moved to Japan when he was two. After university, he worked as a journalist at one of Japan’s major newspapers, then went to Mexico … Details

  • Michio Hoshino

    Michio Hoshino 星野道夫

    Michio Hoshino  (1952–1996) was an acclaimed nature and animal photographer who fell in love with Alaska at the age of 19 when he was first introduced to it through a photo book. After graduating … Details

  • Hiromi Hoshino

    Hiromi Hoshino 星野博美

    Hiromi Hoshino (1966–) was born and raised in the old shitamachi merchant and artisan quarter of Tokyo, which retains vestiges of Edo-period plebeian culture. She is a photographer, essayist, and nonfiction writer. After graduating from … Details

  • Koichi Hosoi

    Koichi Hosoi 細井浩一

    Koichi Hosoi (1958–) was born in Ishikawa Prefecture. He is a professor in the College of Image Arts and Sciences at Ritsumeikan University, and president of the Digital Games Research Association Japan (DiGRA … Details

  • Ai Hosokawa

    Ai Hosokawa 細川亜衣

    Ai Hosokawa (1972–) traveled to Italy after graduating from college and spent her time there learning about Italian cooking in restaurants and private homes. After returning to Japan she founded an Italian cooking … Details

  • Takahiro Hosoda

    Takahiro Hosoda 細田高広

    Takahiro Hosoda (1981–) graduated from Hitotsubashi University and immediately joined Hakuhodo, one of Japan's leading advertising agencies, as a copywriter. He later spent some time with the U.S.-based creative agency TBWA/Chiat/Day, which has … Details

  • Ryusuke Hosoda

    Ryusuke Hosoda 細田龍介

    Ryusuke Hosoda, D.Eng., graduated from the Osaka University School of Engineering with a degree in naval architecture in 1965, and completed his doctoral work at the same institution in 1970. That same year, he took … Details

  • Hiroshi Homura

    Hiroshi Homura (1962–) was born in Hokkaidō and graduated from Sophia University in Tokyo with a degree in English literature. He is a leading figure in contemporary tanka, Japan’s traditional 31-syllable short poem, … Details

  • Madoka Hori

    Madoka Hori 堀まどか

    Madoka Hori (1974–) completed a master's degree in the Japan Women's University Graduate School of Humanities, before enrolling at the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies and completing a second … Details

  •  Seiichi Horiuchi

    Seiichi Horiuchi 堀内誠一

    Seiichi Horiuchi  (1932–1987) was born in Tokyo and worked both as a graphic designer and as a picture book author. He got his start in the advertising section of a department store at the … Details

  • Toshiyuki Horie

    Toshiyuki Horie 堀江敏幸

    Toshiyuki Horie (1964–) is a scholar of French literature and a professor at Waseda University. After producing several translated works, he made his debut as an author in 1995 with Kōgai e (To … Details

  • Takafumi Horie

    Takafumi Horie 堀江貴文

    Takafumi Horie (1972–) was born in Fukuoka Prefecture. He studied at the University of Tokyo, but dropped out after launching an Internet company with some student friends called Livin' on the Edge. Under … Details

  • Rimako Horikawa

    Rimako Horikawa ほりかわりまこ

    Rimako Horikawa graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 1989 with a degree in design; two years later she completed an advanced degree in the graduate school, winning the institution's Salon de Plantain Prize … Details

  • Eriko Horiki

    Eriko Horiki 堀木エリ子

    Eriko Horiki (1962–) was born in Kyoto and is a pioneering artist well versed in the ways of handmade Japanese paper, which she uses to create sculptural works and installations that elevate this traditional Japanese … Details

  • Yūta Horiguchi

    Yūta Horiguchi 堀口勇太

    Yūta Horiguchi (1982–) was born in Kagoshima Prefecture. A lover of books from when he was little, he set his sights on becoming a writer at an early age. A manuscript he wrote … Details

  • Masato Honjō

    Masato Honjō 本城雅人

    Masato Honjō (1965–) joined a major newspaper company after graduating from university to embark on a career as a reporter and sportswriter. He turned to writing fiction after retirement, and in 2009 his baseball mystery … Details