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  • Hisashi Nozawa

    Hisashi Nozawa  (1960–2004) dreamed of becoming a film director from the time he was in middle school, when he began making his own 8-mm movies. After graduating from college with a film degree, he … Details

  • Hiiragi Nonaka

    Hiiragi Nonaka  (1964–) was born in Niigata Prefecture. She moved to the United States after completing college, and was living in upstate New York when she won the 1991 Kaien Prize for New Writers … Details

  • Asa Nonami

    Asa Nonami 乃南アサ

    Asa Nonami (1960–) was born in Tokyo, and attended Waseda University for two years before dropping out to work for an advertising agency. She made her literary debut in 1988 after receiving the Excellence Award … Details

  • Nobumi

    Nobumi のぶみ

    Nobumi (1978–) was born in Tokyo. Before he made his publishing debut, he’d already amassed enough picture-book manuscripts to reach the ceiling when stacked in a pile, and he now has over 120 … Details

  • Rintarō Norizuki

    Rintarō Norizuki 法月綸太郎

    Rintarō Norizuki (1964–) studied at Kyoto University, where he was an enthusiastic participant in the Mystery Fiction Study Group, known for having produced numerous prominent writers. After graduation, he worked at a bank … Details