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  • Masanori Niimi

    Masanori Niimi 新見正則

    Masanori Niimi (1959–) graduated from the Keio University School of Medicine in 1985, and studied in the Medical Sciences Division at the University of Oxford from 1993 to 1998, where he earned a … Details

  • Ryū Niimi

    Ryū Niimi 新見隆

    Ryū Niimi (1958–) was born in Hiroshima Prefecture and graduated from Keiō University. His areas of expertise include art history, the history of design, and museology. After working as a curator at the … Details

  • Kanako Nishi

    Kanako Nishi 西加奈子

    Kanako Nishi (1977–) was born in Tehran, Iran, where her family had relocated for her father’s job. She subsequently lived in Japan for several years before moving with her family to Cairo, Egypt, … Details

  • Kenji Nishi

    Kenji Nishi 西兼志

    Kenji Nishi (1972–) graduated from the Faculty of Letters at the University of Tokyo. He holds a doctorate in information and communications science from Stendhal University (Grenoble-III), and a doctorate in philosophy from Pierre Mendès-France … Details

  • Minami Nishiuchi

    Minami Nishiuchi 西内ミナミ

    Minami Nishiuchi  (1938–) was born in Kyoto and graduated from Tokyo Woman's Christian University, where she began trying her hand at picture books and children's stories while still a student. After college she worked … Details

  • Toshio Nishiuchi

    Toshio Nishiuchi 西内としお

    Toshio Nishiuchi (1959–) was born in Yokohama. He joined an animation company after graduating from the Asagaya College of Art and Design in 1982, but decided to strike out on his own as … Details

  • Miwa Nishikawa

    Miwa Nishikawa 西川美和

    Miwa Nishikawa (1974–) set her sights on becoming a filmmaker when she was in college. She caught the eye of director Hirokazu Kore’eda and began spending time on movie sets as his protegé. … Details

  • Osamu Nishikawa

    Osamu Nishikawa 西川おさむ

    Osamu Nishikawa  (1940–) was born in Fukuoka Prefecture and graduated from Musashino Art University with a degree in design. He has illustrated numerous children's books, including Obake no Yura to neko no Nya (Yura the Ghost and Nya the Cat; story by Noriko … Details

  • Yōko Nishigaki

    Yōko Nishigaki にしがきようこ

    Yōko Nishigaki was born in Nagoya, and graduated from the Tamagawa University College of Agriculture. She lived in Indonesia from 1992 to 1994. In 2000 she received an Excellence Award for Genjin no ashiato (The … Details

  • Ken Nishizaki

    Ken Nishizaki 西崎憲

    Ken Nishizaki (1955–) is originally from Aomori Prefecture, and in addition to being an author, translator, and anthologist is also a composer. In 2002 he won the Japan Fantasy Novel Award for Sekai … Details

  • Makiko Nishizawa

    Makiko Nishizawa 西澤真樹子

    Makiko Nishizawa (1976–) was born in Chiba and studied under zoologist Yoshiharu Imaizumi at Tsuru University. She currently works on a freelance basis for universities and museums in the Osaka–Kyoto region, handling various … Details

  • Toshiya Nishida

    Toshiya Nishida 西田俊也

    Toshiya Nishida  (1960–) made 8-mm films while he was in middle school, hoping someday to become a film director. He wrote scenarios that won prizes, but ultimately failed to realize his directorial dream. Instead … Details

  • Yoshiaki Nishino

    Yoshiaki Nishino 西野嘉章

    Yoshiaki Nishino (1952–), PhD, is an art historian. He conducted his advanced studies in the Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology at the University of Tokyo. He is a professor of museum technology and art … Details

  • Kayako Nishimaki

    Kayako Nishimaki にしまきかやこ

    Kayako Nishimaki  (1939–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. She garnered two early awards from the Japan Print Association for lithographs and etchings she produced while still a … Details

  • Kayako Nishimaki

    Kayako Nishimaki 西巻茅子

    Kayako Nishimaki  (1939–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. She garnered two early awards from the Japan Print Association for lithographs and etchings she produced while still a … Details

  • Kenta Nishimura

    Kenta Nishimura 西村賢太

    Kenta Nishimura  (1967–) is a practitioner of the Japanese genre of self-revelatory fiction known as the I-novel. His stories are based on certain periods of his own life, though the time frames are anything … Details

  • Shigeo Nishimura

    Shigeo Nishimura 西村繁男

    Shigeo Nishimura (1947–) made his debut as a picture-book author with Kuzu no yama no kitsune (Fox of the Garbage Heap). He is also known for descriptive picture books such as Ofuroya-san (The … Details

  • Ken Nishimura

    Ken Nishimura 西村健

    Ken Nishimura  (1965–) formed what would become a lasting connection with the Japan Adventure Fiction Association and its leader, the famed actor and mystery critic Chin Naito (1936–2011), while studying engineering at the University … Details

  • Atsuko Nishimura

    Atsuko Nishimura にしむらあつこ

    Atsuko Nishimura (1972–) was born in Tokyo. She studied dressmaking at Bunka Fashion College but upon graduation began writing and illustrating children's books. Her works include the Honehone-san (Mr. Bone) series; Konnichiwa, minna! … Details

  • Yoshihisa Nishimura

    Yoshihisa Nishimura (1943–) is a former lecturer at the Waseda University Extension Center and currently CEO of the Nishimura Language Education Institute. After graduating in English from the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, … Details