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  • Maho Naito

    Maho Naito 内藤真帆

    Maho Naito  (1976–) was born in Kagoshima. She graduated in linguistics from the Tokyo Woman's Christian University College of Culture and Communication in 2001 and received her doctorate from the Kyoto University Graduate School of … Details

  • Masato Naito

    Masato Naito 内藤正人

    Masato Naito (1963–) was born in Nagoya. He holds an M.A. in philosophy and a Ph.D. in art from Keio University, where he currently serves dual posts as a professor in the Faculty … Details

  • Yoshio Nakae

    Yoshio Nakae なかえよしを

    Yoshio Nakae (1940–) was born in Kobe. He graduated from the Nihon University Arts Department and worked in advertising design on his way to becoming a creator of picture books. While still in … Details

  • Masatoshi Nakao

    Masatoshi Nakao ナカオマサトシ

    Masatoshi Nakao (1982-) was born in Wakayama Prefecture. He was working in the production of educational TV programs when he made his debut as a picture-book author in 2012 with Urenai yakisoba pan (The Yakisoba … Details

  • Kenji Nakagami

    Kenji Nakagami 中上健次

    Kenji Nakagami  (1946–1992) was born in the city of Shingū in Wakayama Prefecture. He went to Tokyo at 19 and worked as a manual laborer while also becoming a contributing member to the literary magazine … Details

  • Rieko Nakagawa

    Rieko Nakagawa 中川李枝子

    Rieko Nakagawa (1935–) was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. She began writing stories while working as a preschool teacher, and in 1962 published her first storybook, Iyaiya-en (No! No! Nursery School), about a little … Details

  • Chihiro Nakagawa

    Chihiro Nakagawa 中川ちひろ

    Chihiro Nakagawa (1958–) graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. She loved books from a young age, and notes that her interest not just in illustrating but translating them as well stems to … Details

  • Hirotaka Nakagawa

    Hirotaka Nakagawa 中川ひろたか

    Hirotaka Nakagawa (1954–) is a singer-songwriter as well as a picture-book author. His songs Minna tomodachi (Let’s All Be Friends) and Sekai-jū no kodomo-tachi ga (The Children of the World) have become favorites … Details

  • Gaku Nakagawa

    Gaku Nakagawa 中川学

    Gaku Nakagawa (1966–) is an ordained monk of the Seizan branch of the Jōdo (Pure Land) school of Buddhism. A resident of Kyoto, he has worked as a cover artist and book illustrator … Details

  • Tatsuo Nakakubo

    Tatsuo Nakakubo 中久保辰夫

    Tatsuo Nakakubo  (1983–) is an assistant professor in the Graduate School of Letters at Osaka … Details

  • Shoko Nakazawa

    Shoko Nakazawa 中澤晶子

    Shoko Nakazawa  (1953–)  is a children's book writer, advertising director, and copywriter. She won the 1991 Noma Prize for New Writers of Children's Literature for Jiguso suteshon (Jigsaw Station). Her 1985 work 1983-nen: atsui aki … Details

  • Kyōko Nakajima

    Kyōko Nakajima 中島京子

    Kyōko Nakajima (1964–) loved books from a young age, which is perhaps no surprise given that her parents are both translators and scholars of French literature. She first produced something like a novel … Details

  • Atsushi Nakajima

    Atsushi Nakajima  (1909–1942) was born in Tokyo to a family of Chinese scholars. He graduated from the University of Tokyo. In 1941 he was dispatched to Palau to work as a textbook editor. A … Details

  • Hideto Nakajima

    Hideto Nakajima 中嶋秀人

    Hideto Nakajima (1962–) is a lecturer in the Division of Neurology at Osaka Medical College, and Director of the Department of Internal Medicine at Seikeikai Hospital. … Details

  • Chiyoko Nakatani

    Chiyoko Nakatani 中谷千代子

    Chiyoko Nakatani (1930–1981) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts with a degree in oil painting. Her first published work was The Lion and the Bird's Nest, which … Details

  • Tomoaki Nakada

    Tomoaki Nakada 中田友明

    Tomoaki Nakada (1978-) was born in Tokyo. He graduated from the Waseda University School of Education in 2002. The following year he began research on the sex pheromones of amphibians, and completed his doctorate in … Details

  • Mitsugu Nakane

    Mitsugu Nakane (1961–) is lead researcher at Sanno University's Sanno Institute of Management. After graduating from Komazawa University he joined a major travel agency, where he worked in sales and as a tour … Details

  • Tōzen Nakano

    Tōzen Nakano 中野東禅

    Tōzen Nakano (1939–) is a major pillar of Japan’s Zazen community. He has given lectures and instructions on Zazen practice throughout Japan for over 40 years. His book Yomu zazen (Reading Zazen) is … Details

  • James Shūichi Nakano

    James Shūichi Nakano 中野ジェームズ修一

    James Shūichi Nakano (1971–) was born in Nagano Prefecture. He is a personal trainer who offers his services at sports clubs throughout the Tokyo area. His private clients range from top athletes (pro … Details

  • Masaya Nakahara

    Masaya Nakahara 中原昌也

    Authors tend to be a strange lot, but Masaya Nakahara  (1970–) may be the strangest of them all. He incessantly complains that he can't stand writing and is not shy about claiming he only … Details