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  • Shizuko Todo

    Shizuko Todo 藤堂志津子

    Shizuko Todo  (1949–) lives in Sapporo, Hokkaido, where she was born and raised. She worked at an ad agency for a time after college before becoming a writer. In 1987, her mid-length Madonna no gotoku … Details

  • Kazuyo Toda

    Kazuyo Toda 戸田和代

    Kazuyo Toda (1939–) was born in Tokyo. She says it was her fondness for nursery songs as a child that ultimately led her to become a writer of nursery stories. Her storybooks include … Details

  • Maho Tonouchi

    Maho Tonouchi 殿内真帆

    Maho Tonouchi (1973–) graduated from the University of Tsukuba and works as an independent illustrator. In 2015 she collaborated on character designs for bags and accessories by the Italian fashion label Furla. She has illustrated … Details

  • Atsunori Tomatsu

    Atsunori Tomatsu 戸松淳矩

    Atsunori Tomatsu  (1952–)  was born in Kyoto. After graduating from university he started writing fiction while working at his family business. In 1976 his short story Shogensha (The Witness) made it onto the final short … Details

  • Kyōichi Tomita

    Kyōichi Tomita 富田京一

    Kyōichi Tomita (1966–)  was born in Fukushima Prefecture. He has conducted research on dinosaurs at fossil fields all over the world as well as on the reptiles of Okinawa, and has devoted himself to … Details

  • Yoshiki Tominaga

    Yoshiki Tominaga 冨永良喜

    Yoshiki Tominaga (1952–) is a clinical psychologist and a professor of clinical psychology at the Hyogo University of Teacher Education. His specialties are comprehensive stress management education and crisis counseling, and he provides … Details

  • Tadao Tominari

    Tadao Tominari 富成忠夫

    Tadao Tominari  (1919–1992) was a noted photographer of plants who mentored numerous younger nature photographers. He contributed extensively to the Nogusa handobukku (Wildflower Handbook) series. In 1990, his photo picture book Fuyume gasshodan (Chorus of Winter Buds) was awarded … Details

  • Tadao Tominari

    Tadao Tominari 富成忠夫

    Tadao Tominari  (1919–1992) was a noted photographer of plants who mentored numerous younger nature photographers. He contributed extensively to the Nogusa handobukku (Wildflower Handbook) series. In 1990, his photo picture book Fuyume gasshodan (Chorus of … Details

  • Itaru Tomiya

    Itaru Tomiya 冨谷至

    Itaru Tomiya (1952–) is a professor at the Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University, and director of the Institute's Center for Informatics in East Asian Studies. His specialties are Chinese legal history … Details

  • Yōko Tomiyasu

    Yōko Tomiyasu 富安陽子

    Yōko Tomiyasu (1959–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Wakō University. She made her writerly debut at 25, and received the JAWC New Talent Award and Shogakukan Children’s Publication Culture Award in … Details

  • Susumu Tomooka

    Susumu Tomooka (1960–) received his bachelor’s and doctor’s degrees in commerce from Keio University, and is currently a professor at the same institution. His publications include Kindai kaikei seido no seiritsu (The Development … Details

  • Troll

    Troll トロル

    Troll is a team consisting of writer Yōko Tanaka (1976–) and illustrator Masahide Fukasawa (1981–). Together they produce picture books, illustrations, and application graphics for the iPhone, iPad, and Android. Their first picture book, Oshiri … Details

  • Kaya Doi

    Kaya Doi どいかや

    Kaya Doi (1969–) was born in Tokyo and graduated with a degree in design from Tokyo Zokei University. She got her start with picture books by attending the Atosaki Juku workshop conducted by … Details

  • Sonoe Dogaki

    Sonoe Dogaki 堂垣園江

    Sonoe Dogaki (1960–)  was a bookworm as a child and began writing her own fiction around the time she turned 30. Many of her works draw on her experience of living in Canada from … Details

  • Shun’ichi Dōba

    Shun’ichi Dōba 堂場瞬一

    Shun’ichi Dōba (1963–) graduated from college and began his journalistic career at Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan’s largest-circulation daily, where he worked at the city desk as well as other posts. In his thirties he … Details

  • Dolly

    Dolly ドーリー

    Dolly (1986–) was born in Osaka and graduated from Kyoto Seika University. She works as an illustrator and manga artist, and also as a cut-paper artist. Picture books she has provided the artwork … Details