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  • Haruna Terachi

    Haruna Terachi 寺地はるな

    Haruna Terachi (1977–) was born in Saga Prefecture and now lives in Osaka. She began writing on the side while holding down a job in addition to her homemaking responsibilities. Her publishing debut … Details

  • Teruo Teramura

    Teruo Teramura 寺村輝夫

    Teruo Teramura  (1928–2006) , who was born in Tokyo, is among the authors who helped set the course of postwar children's literature in Japan. He began writing original children's stories as a student at Waseda … Details

  • Mamoru Terayama

    Mamoru Terayama (1928–) earned his PhD in science from the graduate school of the University of Tokyo after working as a researcher there. He earned his master’s degree in agricultural science from the Graduate School … Details

  • Arata Tendō

    Arata Tendō 天童荒太

    Arata Tendō (1960–) debuted in 1986 under his real name, Noriyuki Kurita, after winning the Yasei Jidai Literary Award for New Writers with Shiro no kazoku (The White Family), the first novel he … Details

  • Iku Dekune

    Iku Dekune 出久根育

    Iku Dekune  (1969–) was born in Tokyo and studied printmaking at Musashino Art University. In addition to writing and illustrating children’s books, she is well known as a copperplate artist. She won a place … Details