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  • Yuichi Takai

    Yuichi Takai 高井有一

    Yuichi Takai (1932–2016) is a native Tokyoite. He lost his father, a painter, when he was just 11. During the war, the family house was destroyed and Takai was evacuated from Tokyo. His … Details

  • Gen Takaku

    Gen Takaku 高久元

    Gen Takaku (1966–), PhD, was born in Akita Prefecture and completed his graduate work in the Faculty of Science at Hokkaido University. He is currently a professor in the Department of Education at Hokkaido University … Details

  • Tetsuo Takashima

    Tetsuo Takashima 高嶋哲夫

    Tetsuo Takashima (1949-) was born in Okayama Prefecture and completed a master’s degree in engineering at Keiō University. After a stint as researcher at the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (now the Japan Atomic Energy … Details

  • Kazumi Takasu

    Kazumi Takasu たかすかずみ

    Kazumi Takasu was born in Fukuoka Prefecture. She works as an illustrator for children's magazines and picture books. She is favored for a soft and warm style of drawing using pastels. Her work can be … Details

  • Masahito Takase

    Masahito Takase 高瀬正仁

    Masahito Takase (1951–) was born in Midori, Gunma Prefecture. After graduating from the Department of Mathematics in the Faculty of Science at the University of Tokyo, he went on to graduate school at … Details

  • Keiko Takada

    Keiko Takada 高田桂子

    Keiko Takada  (1971–) was born in Hiroshima Prefecture. She worked as an editor and copywriter for a time before she turned to writing children's fiction. Her deeply textured stories depict with great psychological subtlety … Details

  • Susumu Takada

    Susumu Takada 高田昇

    Susumu Takada (1943–) was born in Osaka. An urban planner by profession, he also teaches at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. He founded the COM Planning Institute in 1970. He works as a planner … Details

  • Yukiko Takada

    Yukiko Takada 高田由紀子

    Yukiko Takada was born and raised on the island of Sado in Niigata Prefecture, the daughter of a Buddhist priest administering the mountain temple Manshō-ji. She made her writerly debut in 2017 with Manpuku-ji de … Details

  • Hōko Takadono

    Hōko Takadono 高楼方子

    Hōko Takadono  (1955–) lives in Sapporo, Hokkaido. She made her debut as a writer with the fantasy novel Koko no shi (Coco’s Poem), set in Florence, Italy, and followed up with another long fantasy … Details

  • Kazuaki Takano

    Kazuaki Takano 高野和明

    Kazuaki Takano  (1964–)  emerged from the film industry to become a best-selling author. He began making films for himself when he was only in grade school, and as an adult worked for a time under the … Details

  • Jinichi Takano

    Jinichi Takano 高野仁一

    Jinichi Takano (1949–) worked domestically for a tax accounting firm, a Nikkei-listed company, and a foreign-owned corporation between 1975 and 1985, then moved to the United States for stints at Price Waterhouse and … Details

  • Hideyuki Takano

    Hideyuki Takano 高野秀行

    Hideyuki Takano (1966-) was born in Tokyo. His writerly debut came in 1989 as a student at Waseda University, when he published Genjū Mubenbe o oe (Chasing the Cryptid Mokele-Mbembe), an account of an adventure … Details

  • Gen'ichiro Takahashi

    Gen'ichiro Takahashi 高橋源一郎

    Gen’ichiro Takahashi (1951–) was born in Hiroshima. He graduated from a nationally famous prep school and landed a place in Yokohama National University, but his involvement in the student movement led to his withdrawal. … Details

  • Katsuhiko Takahashi

    Katsuhiko Takahashi  (1947–) was born in Iwate Prefecture, a doctor's son who traces his lineage back to a physician of samurai rank, and northeastern settings have always figured prominently in his work. All of … Details

  • Naohiro Takahashi

    Naohiro Takahashi 高橋直裕

    Naohiro Takahashi  (1955–) studied Japanese painting at the Musashino Art University College of Art and Design. He became a curator for the Setagaya Art Museum planning office in 1982 and since the museum’s opening in … Details

  • Kazuko Takahashi

    Kazuko Takahashi 高橋和子

    Kazuko Takahashi (1958–) was born in Osaka. She held an adjunct assistant professorship at Kanazawa University’s Research Center for Child Mental Development from 2008 to 2012. Her research has centered on developing and … Details

  • Teruhiko Takahashi

    Teruhiko Takahashi (1966–) is an associate professor in the Graduate School of Letters at Osaka … Details

  • Akihiko Takahashi

    Akihiko Takahashi 高橋昭彦

    Akihiko Takahashi (1955–) graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University. After a stint of teaching at Setagaya Elementary School, affiliated with his alma mater, he enrolled in the graduate program at the University of Illinois … Details

  • Kazue Takahashi

    Kazue Takahashi 高橋和枝

    Kazue Takahashi (1971–) was born in Kanagawa Prefecture and graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University. She made her debut as a picture-book author with Kumakuma-chan (Kuma-Kuma Chan, the Little Bear) in 2001, and also … Details

  • Yūsuke Takahashi

    Yūsuke Takahashi 高橋悠介

    Yūsuke Takahashi (1978–) completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Japanese literature at Keio University, and his Ph.D at the University of Tokyo. Currently a curator at the Kanagawa Prefectural Kanazawa-Bunko Museum, he … Details