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  • Akwi Seo

    Akwi Seo 徐阿貴

    Akwi Seo (1965-) is Associate Professor of Sociology at Fukuoka Women’s University. She obtained her M.A. in Sociology at the University of Toronto and Ph.D. in Sociology and Gender Studies at Ochanomizu University. Her research … Details

  • Ayako Sono

    Ayako Sono 曽野綾子

    Ayako Sono (1931–)  has been prominent for 50 years as one of Japan's best known writers of fiction and essays, and is highly regarded for her serious and well-informed treatment of social and moral issues … Details

  • Chine Sonoi

    Chine Sonoi 園井千音

    Chine Sonoi is an associate professor at the Oita University Faculty of Engineering. She graduated with a major in English from the Kyushu University School of Letters in 1991. She entered Tsuda College Graduate School and … Details