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  • Nobori Kiuchi

    Nobori Kiuchi 木内昇

    Nobori Kiuchi (1967–) worked after college as a magazine editor, but soon quit and founded her own interview journal, Spotting, in addition to writing and editing freelance. As she tells it, her first … Details

  • Katsu Kiuchi

    Katsu Kiuchi きうちかつ

    Katsu Kiuchi (1957–) was born in Tokyo and works as both a picture-book author and a plastic artist. He has created numerous picture books that stimulate children’s imaginations, help them experience the joys … Details

  • Tatsuro Kiuchi

    Tatsuro Kiuchi きうちたつろう

    Tatsuro Kiuchi (1966–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from International Christian University with a degree in biology. He subsequently studied at the Art Center College of Design in the United States, and … Details

  • Chiki Kikuchi

    Chiki Kikuchi きくちちき

    Chiki Kikuchi (1975–) was born in Hokkaido. A painter, he also began creating picture books around 2009, hand-binding each one in his home studio and showing them at exhibitions of his other works. … Details

  • Takashi Kikuchi

    Takashi Kikuchi (1947–) was born on Hachijōjima island, south of Tokyo. He won the JAWC New Talent Award in 1977 for Tobiuo wa ki ni tomatta ka (Did the Flying Fish Land in … Details

  • Makoto Kikuchi

    Makoto Kikuchi graduated from the Tokyo Institute of Technology’s Department of Mathematics in 1991 and completed a PhD in science at Tōhoku University in 1996. He is currently an associate professor in the Graduate School … Details

  • Atsuko Kikuchi

    Atsuko Kikuchi きくちあつこ

    Atsuko Kikuchi (1980–) was born in Osaka and graduated from the Faculty of Design at Kyoto Seika University. After college she entered regular employment for a time before becoming an independent illustrator. The fashion illustrations … Details

  • Kyoko Kikuchi

    Kyoko Kikuchi 菊池恭子

    Kyoko Kikuchi was born in Chiba Prefecture. Among the many titles she has illustrated are Miki-chan to Mu (Miki and Mu), Nekojarashi no nohara (Foxtail Field), and Oinariyama no himitsu (The Secret of Mt. Inari). … Details

  • Kyoko Kikuchi

    Kyoko Kikuchi きくちきょうこ

    Kyoko Kikuchi  (1948–) was born in Chiba Prefecture, and graduated from Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design. She works as an artist and illustrator. Her endearing illustrations of children and animals grace the … Details

  • Ryo Kisaka

    Ryo Kisaka 木坂涼

    Ryo Kisaka (1958–) was born in Saitama Prefecture and graduated from Wako University. She is a poet, children's book author, and translator. She won the Modern Poetry Hanatsubaki Prize in 1987 for her poetry … Details

  • Izumi Kizara

    Izumi Kizara 木皿泉

    Izumi Kizara is the joint pen name of Tsutomu Izumi (1952–) and his wife Tokiko Mega (1957–). Izumi was a stand-up comedy writer, and Mega wrote scripts for radio plays, before they joined forces to … Details

  • Yusuke Kishi

    Yusuke Kishi 貴志祐介

    Yusuke Kishi  (1959–) became an avid reader after encountering Ruth Stiles Gannett's My Father's Dragon series as a small child, and steeped himself in science fiction and mysteries during his grade-school years. Upon graduating … Details

  • Eriko Kishida

    Eriko Kishida 岸田衿子

    Eriko Kishida (1929–2011) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts with a degree in oil painting. She teamed up with her classmate Chiyoko Nakatani to create The Lion … Details

  • Mayuko Kishira

    Mayuko Kishira きしらまゆこ

    Mayuko Kishira was born in Osaka and now resides in Kyoto. She made her picture-book publishing debut in 2003 with Usagi-kun no bōshi (Bunny Boy’s Hat). Her other picture-book titles include Yokubari ōkami (The Greedy … Details

  • Hajime Kijima

    Hajime Kijima 木島始

    Hajime Kijima  (1928–2004) was born in Kyoto. Besides being a poet in his own right, he is known for his translations of poetry and fiction by Langston Hughes and Nat Hentoff, as well as … Details

  • Toshio Kijima

    Toshio Kijima 木嶋利男

    Toshio Kijima (1948–) was born in Tochigi Prefecture, and earned his doctorate in agriculture at the University of Tokyo. After a stint as head of the Biotechnology Department at the Tochigi Prefectural Agricultural … Details

  • Seigo Kijima

    Seigo Kijima 木島誠悟

    Seigo Kijima (1949–) was born in the eastern Hokkaido city of Kushiro. He started showing his illustrations while still a student at Tokyo Design College, and had his work selected by a series … Details

  • Seigo Kijima

    Seigo Kijima 木島誠悟

    Seigo Kijima (1949–) was born in the eastern Hokkaido city of Kushiro. He started showing his illustrations while still a student at Tokyo Design College, and had his work selected by a series … Details

  • Hideo Kiso

    Hideo Kiso 木曽秀夫

    Hideo Kiso (1930-) was born in Osaka Prefecture. He received the Kenbuchi Picture Book Bibakarasu Prize in 1993 for Hitokuchi pakuri (One Big Bite). His many other titles includes Kara kara kara ga . . … Details

  • Kenzo Kitakata

    Kenzo Kitakata 北方謙三

    Kenzo Kitakata  (1947–) spent his college days striving to become a writer while also participating in the student movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Although he published his debut work, the novella … Details