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  • Hiroshi Kaihara

    Hiroshi Kaihara  (1947–2005) was an artist who worked broadly in design, illustration, stage art, and book and magazine production. He was involved in the creation of more than 700 books during his lifetime, many … Details

  • Otohiko Kaga

    Otohiko Kaga 加賀乙彦

    Otohiko Kaga  (1929–) studied psychiatry and criminology at the University of Tokyo Medical School. He worked in a hospital and then in a prison before going to study in France in 1957. After returning … Details

  • Gentaro Kagawa

    Gentaro Kagawa 香川元太郎

    Gentaro Kagawa (1959–) was born in Ehime Prefecture. As an illustrator, he has produced a large number of hidden-picture and maze books, and he also works as an illustrator for history textbooks, references, … Details

  • Ryosuke Kakine

    Ryosuke Kakine 垣根涼介

    Ryosuke Kakine  (1966–) put in stints at two different business firms and a travel agency after college while working on a novel set in Vietnam titled Gozen sanji no rusuta (Dawning Day, Dawning Life). … Details

  • Kōzō Kakimoto

    Kōzō Kakimoto 柿本幸造

    Kōzō Kakimoto (1915–1998) was born in Hiroshima Prefecture. A children’s book illustrator, he received the Shogakukan Children’s Publication Culture Arts Award in 1959. Among the titles he illustrated are Jamu jamu Donkuma-san (Mr. … Details

  • Miu Kakiya

    Miu Kakiya 垣谷美雨

    Miu Kakiya (1959-) was born in Hyōgo Prefecture. She worked as a systems engineer for a software company before winning the Shōsetsu Suiri New Writers Prize for her mid-length Tatsumaki gāru (Tornado Girl) in 2005. … Details

  • Mitsuyo Kakuta

    Mitsuyo Kakuta 角田光代

    Mitsuyo Kakuta  (1967–) set her sights on becoming a writer from an early age. Her debut novel—Kōfuku na yūgi (A Blissful Pastime), written while she was a university student—received the Kaien Prize for New … Details

  • Kumiko Kakehashi

    Kumiko Kakehashi 梯久美子

    Kumiko Kakehashi (1961–) was born in Kumamoto Prefecture and graduated from Hokkaido University with a degree in Japanese literature. She worked as an editor before striking out on her own as a writer in 2001, … Details

  • Satoshi Kako

    Satoshi Kako 加古里子

    Satoshi Kako (1926–) was born in Fukui Prefecture. He majored in applied chemistry at the University of Tokyo, where he also participated in theater. After graduating in 1948, he worked as a researcher … Details

  • Midori Kasai

    Midori Kasai 香西みどり

    Midori Kasai (1955–) was born in Fukushima Prefecture. She graduated in 1978 from the Faculty of Home Economics at Ochanomizu University with a degree in nutrition and food science, and continued her studies … Details

  • Eriko Kasaoka

    Eriko Kasaoka 笠岡恵理子

    Eriko Kasaoka (1979–) was born in Hyogo Prefecture and studied in the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Commerce at the University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in … Details

  • Kenji Kasakura

    Kenji Kasakura 笠倉健司

    Kenji Kasakura (1961–) experienced severe depression after enrolling in the Waseda University School of Political Science and Economics in 1980, and underwent training at a Rinzai Zen center as part of his recovery … Details

  • Maki Kashimada

    Maki Kashimada 鹿島田真希

    Maki Kashimada  (1976–) majored in French literature in college and wrote her senior thesis on the literary theorist Julia Kristeva. While still a student she was encouraged by a friend to submit the novel … Details

  • Sachiko Kashiwaba

    Sachiko Kashiwaba 柏葉幸子

    Sachiko Kashiwaba (1953–)  is a native of Iwate Prefecture, where she was born in the coastal city of Miyako. She studied at Tohoku Pharmaceutical University in Sendai, and while still in college made her … Details

  • Motojiro Kajii

    Motojiro Kajii 梶井基次郎

    Motojiro Kajii  (1901–1932) suffered from pleurisy when young, despite which he began to indulge in what he termed a "decadent life" from around age 20. While enrolled in the department of English literature at the … Details

  • Tadashi Kajiyama

    Tadashi Kajiyama (1959–) was born in Nagasaki Prefecture and currently resides in Kyoto. After visiting the Himalayas in 1984, he traveled to various parts of India for an extended period, and upon returning … Details

  • Toshihiko Kasuya

    Toshihiko Kasuya 糟谷俊彦

    Toshihiko Kasuya (1955–) was born in Miyagi Prefecture. After graduating from Akamon Oriental Medical College and working in an orthopedic clinic, he opened his own clinic. While engaged in providing acupuncture, moxibustion, and … Details

  • Shoh Kataoka

    Shoh Kataoka 片岡翔

    Shoh Kataoka (1982–) was born in Hokkaido. His independently produced short film Kurage-kun (Jellyfish Boy) garnered 14 prizes in various film festivals in 2010, including seven grand prizes. He made his commercial feature-film debut in … Details

  • Tomoko Katano

    Tomoko Katano カタノトモコ

    Tomoko Katano was born in Miyazaki Prefecture. She worked as an in-house designer for a time before striking out on her own as a freelance illustrator. She leapt to fame as the original designer of … Details

  • Ken Katayama

    Ken Katayama 片山健

    Ken Katayama  (1940–) illustrated Yu-chan no mikisaa-sha (The Wonderful Mixer; story by Yuko Murakami) in 1968 and published his own Mori no obake (Ghost in the Woods) in 1969, before taking a break from … Details