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  • Yujiro Kawamata

    Yujiro Kawamata 川又雄二郎

    Yujiro Kawamata (1952–) completed the master’s course at the University of Tokyo Graduate School in 1977. A Doctor of Science, he serves as a professor in the Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences at … Details

  • Kouei Hazuki

    Kouei Hazuki はづき虹映

    Kouei Hazuki (1960–) was born in Hyōgo Prefecture and graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University with a degree in economics. He worked in the sales promotion office of a major department store before leaving … Details

  • Kaoru Katō

    Kaoru Katō 加藤郁

    Kaoru Katō is the director of Kato Animal Hospital and a board member of the Tottori Veterinary Medical Association. In 1991 he graduated from the Department of Veterinary Medicine, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, … Details

  • Hiroaki Uto

    Hiroaki Uto 宇都裕昭

    Hiroaki Uto (1975-) was born in Hyōgo Prefecture. He went to work for a major steel manufacturer straight out of high school, but later moved into management consulting. After gaining broad experience in human resource … Details

  • Hungry Grizzly

    Hungry Grizzly はらぺこグリズリー

    Hungry Grizzly is a 20-something male food blogger. Two months after starting his blog in 2014, he uploaded “How to Make the Most Delicious Seasoned Boiled Egg in the World,” which was shared 30,000 times … Details

  • Tatsuya Miyanishi

    Tatsuya Miyanishi 宮西達也

    Tatsuya Miyanishi (1956–) graduated from the Nihon University College of Art, and worked as a doll artist and graphic designer before becoming a picture-book author. His works for children include storybooks as well … Details

  • Takushi Kitada

    Takushi Kitada きただたくし

    Takushi Kitada (1921–1992) was an illustrator of numerous works of children’s literature, many of them featuring vehicles, such as Moritarō-san no jidōsha (Moritarō’s Car), written by Makoto Ōishi, a frequent collaborator. Kitada was … Details

  • Kimiko Aman

    Kimiko Aman あまんきみこ

    Kimiko Aman (1931–) was born in Dalian, China, and graduated from Japan Women's University in Tokyo. After enrolling in a creative writing class for children's stories sponsored by the Japan Association of Writers … Details

  • Mariko Ishikawa

    Mariko Ishikawa いしかわ☆まりこ

    Mariko Ishikawa was born in Chiba. She graduated from the toy design department of a technical school and began her career at a toy maker, working in planning and design. After subsequent stints making children’s … Details

  • Michio Mado

    Michio Mado まどみちお

    Michio Mado (1909–2014) was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture. He lived in Taiwan from the age of ten until he was drafted into the military, after which he spent the war years in various … Details

  • Noriyuki Aida

    Noriyuki Aida 会田法行

    Noriyuki Aida  (1972–) was born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, and studied journalism at the University of Missouri in the United States. After working as a staff photographer for the Asahi shimbun newspaper, he quit … Details

  • Hiroyuki Aihara

    Hiroyuki Aihara あいはらひろゆき

    Hiroyuki Aihara (1961–) was born in Sendai and graduated from Waseda University. In addition to picture books, he writes broadly on the subject of child rearing, and he also has a hand in … Details

  • Kakuhō Aoe

    Kakuhō Aoe 青江覚峰

    Kakuhō Aoe (1977–) is a Buddhist monk of the Jōdo Shinshū school. He earned an MBA at California State University, Fresno, and works actively to convey his knowledge of Zen cookery to readers … Details

  • Jungo Aoki

    Jungo Aoki 青木淳悟

    Jungo Aoki  (1979–)  is regarded as one of the most promising younger writers of literary fiction and has earned a reputation for constantly testing the limits of narrative technique. He won the Shincho Prize for New Writers in 2003 with the novella Yonjunichi to … Details

  • Hideo Aoki

    Hideo Aoki 青木秀雄

    Hideo Aoki (1948–) graduated from the Meisei University School of Humanities, and is now a Meisei University professor of education. His publications include Dosatsuryoku o tsuchikau shoto shakai-ka kyoiku-ho (How to Cultivate Good … Details

  • Shin Aoki

    Shin Aoki 青木深

    Shin Aoki (1975–) completed his doctoral studies in the Graduate School of Social Sciences at Hitotsubashi University, specializing in cultural anthropology, contemporary history, and popular music. He is currently a contract lecturer for … Details

  • Shirō Aoki

    Shirō Aoki 青木史郎

    Shirō Aoki (1948–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts with a degree in aesthetics and art history. Upon graduation, he became an employee of the Japan Industrial … Details

  • Kairi Aotsuki

    Kairi Aotsuki 蒼月海里

    Kairi Aotsuki was born in the city of Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture but grew up in Chiba Prefecture. He graduated from the College of Science and Technology at Nihon University. He maintains a regular writing … Details

  • So Aono

    So Aono 青野聰

    So Aono  (1943–) was born in Tokyo, the third son of the renowned literary critic Suekichi Aono. He studied literature at Waseda University but withdrew before graduating and went to Europe in 1966, traveling … Details

  • Mami Aoya

    Mami Aoya 青谷真未

    Mami Aoya made her literary debut in 2013 with the story collection Kanoe-san no hidarite (Kanoe’s Left Hand), telling of “strange and cruel events” that take place at an unnamed girls’ school; the manuscript had been … Details