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  • Masayuki Yabuuchi

    Masayuki Yabuuchi 薮内正幸

    Masayuki Yabuuchi (1940–2000) was born in Osaka. He loved animals from when he was little, and taught himself to draw them at a young age. After graduating from Osaka's Yuhigaoka High School he … Details

  • Masayuki Yabuuchi

    Masayuki Yabuuchi 薮内正幸

    Masayuki Yabuuchi (1940–2000) was born in Osaka. He loved animals from when he was little, and taught himself to draw them at a young age. After graduating from Osaka's Yuhigaoka High School he … Details

  • Shiro Yadama

    Shiro Yadama 矢玉四郎

    Shiro Yadama  (1944–) writes and illustrates children's literature. A native of Beppu in Oita Prefecture, he graduated from the Department of Design in the Faculty of Engineering at Chiba University. He worked as a … Details

  • Sumiko Yagawa

    Sumiko Yagawa 矢川澄子

    Sumiko Yagawa (1930–2002) was born in Tokyo and worked as an author, poet, and translator during her life. She studied art history at the University of Tokyo but did not complete a degree. … Details

  • Takeshi Yagi

    Takeshi Yagi 八木毅

    Takeshi Yagi (1970–) is chief researcher of the Network Security Project, NTT Secure Platform Laboratories. He holds a doctorate in information science. … Details

  • Kanako Yaguchi

    Kanako Yaguchi 矢口加奈子

    Kanako Yaguchi  (1976–) graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design. She has been sharing her creative ideas for stencil motifs ever since mounting an exhibit under the title Yorokobi no katachi (Shapes of … Details

  • Gen'ichiro Yagyu

    Gen'ichiro Yagyu 柳生弦一郎

    Gen'ichiro Yagyu (1943–) was born in Mie Prefecture and is a graduate of Setsu Mode Seminar. In 1967 he won the Kodansha Award for Illustration, for Hiroyuki Itsuki's novel Seinen wa koya o … Details

  • Machiko Yagyu

    Machiko Yagyu 柳生まち子

    Machiko Yagyu (1945–) was born in Kitakyushu. She graduated from the Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture and completed the Setsu Mode Seminar program before becoming an illustrator. Her first published picture … Details

  • Toshihiko Yahagi

    Toshihiko Yahagi 矢作俊彦

    Toshihiko Yahagi  (1950–) was already authoring manga while still in high school, under the pen name of Daddy Goose. His first short fiction came out in a mystery magazine in 1972, and when his … Details

  • Kosuke Yakubo

    Kosuke Yakubo 矢久保考介

    Kosuke Yakubo (1960–) , PhD, is a professor in the Graduate School of Engineering at Hokkaido University and a specialist in the physics of complex and random systems. … Details

  • Amy Yamada

    Amy Yamada 山田詠美

    Amy Yamada  (1959–) , who published as a manga writer before making her literary debut, has proven herself an author of rare talent from day one, but perhaps her greatest strength comes from having relentlessly … Details

  • Futaro Yamada

    Futaro Yamada 山田風太郎

    Futaro Yamada  (1922–2001) was born into a family that had practiced medicine in Hyogo Prefecture for several generations. After graduating from Tokyo Medical University, he won the 1949 Mystery Writers of Japan Award for his … Details

  • Masaki Yamada

    Masaki Yamada 山田正紀

    Masaki Yamada  (1950–) debuted in 1974 with the novella Kamigari (God-Hunting), which, after first appearing in the venerable science-fiction fanzine Uchujin (Cosmic Dust), was later republished in SF Magazine. Japanese sci-fi fans voted it … Details

  • Taichi Yamada

    Taichi Yamada 山田太一

    Taichi Yamada (1934–) spent his early years in Asakusa, one of the most fabled districts of old Tokyo. After graduating from university in 1958, he went to work for the Shochiku film studio, … Details

  • Arihito Yamada

    Arihito Yamada 山田有人

    Arihito Yamada (1963–) was born in Toyama Prefecture. He graduated from Keio University with a degree in economics, completed the program in management systems at the University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Business … Details

  • Jundai Yamada

    Jundai Yamada 山田純大

    Jundai Yamada (1973–) was born in Tokyo. He went to middle and high school in Hawaii and graduated from Pepperdine University, in California, with a degree in international relations. He made his debut … Details

  • Tomoki Yamada

    Tomoki Yamada 山田智貴

    Tomoki Yamada (1965–) graduated from the Osaka Prefecture University School of Engineering with a degree in naval architecture, and is currently an assistant professor in the Graduate School of Engineering at the same … Details

  • Muneki Yamada

    Muneki Yamada 山田宗樹

    Muneki Yamada (1965–) was born in Aichi Prefecture and educated at the University of Tsukuba, where he went on to complete a master’s degree in agriculture. He began writing fiction on the side … Details

  • Yūji Yamada

    Yūji Yamada 山田雄司

    Yūji Yamada (1967–) was born in Shizuoka Prefecture and graduated from the Faculty of Letters at Kyoto University with a degree in history. He went on to complete advanced history studies in the … Details

  • Mikiko Yamadera

    Mikiko Yamadera 山寺美紀子

    Mikiko Yamadera  (1967–) received a bachelor's degree in Chinese literature from Ochanomizu University and went on to complete a doctorate in comparative societies and cultures there in 2010. She studied at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music from … Details