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  • Masato Ōbuchi

    Masato Ōbuchi 大渕希郷

    Masato Ōbuchi (1982–) was born in Kobe and received his doctorate in zoology from the Graduate School of Science at Kyoto University. After a stint working as a keeper in the Reptile and … Details

  • Noriko Ochi

    Noriko Ochi 越智典子

    Noriko Ochi  (1959–) was born in Tokyo. After working in-house for a publisher early on, she struck out on her own as an independent author of picture and chapter books for children, and also as … Details

  • Mitsuo Ochi

    Mitsuo Ochi 越智光夫

    Mitsuo Ochi (1952–) is a surgeon and global pioneer in cartilage repair. In 1996, while working at Shimane Medical University, he introduced the successful transplant of autologous chondrocytes cultivated inside atelocollagen to restrict articular cartilage … Details

  • Ryo Oda

    Ryo Oda 小田涼

    Ryo Oda  (1976–) , born in Kyoto, is currently a part-time lecturer at Kyoto University. After graduating in 1998 from the Kyoto University Faculty of Integrated Human Studies, she went abroad in 2000 for two … Details

  • Yoshiyuki Oda

    Yoshiyuki Oda 小田義幸

    Yoshiyuki Oda (1976–) was born in Fukuoka Prefecture, and studied at the Keio University Graduate School of Law. He currently teaches on an adjunct basis at Keio University, Musashino University, Takasaki City University … Details

  • Masakuni Oda

    Masakuni Oda 小田雅久仁

    Masakuni Oda (1974–) was born in Sendai but moved at a young age to Osaka, and is now making his mark with fantastical stories written in the Kansai dialect of his adopted city. … Details

  • Makiko Oda

    Makiko Oda 小田真規子

    Makiko Oda graduated from the Kagawa Nutrition University Junior College of Nutrition and works as a chef, nutritionist, and food director. As head of Studio Nuts, a test kitchen and food consulting business, she focuses … Details

  • Tomohiro Odaka

    Tomohiro Odaka 小高知宏

    Tomohiro Odaka received his doctor of engineering degree from the Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering in 1990, and is currently a professor at the University of Fukui. His field of specialization is intelligent … Details

  • Kenzaburō Ōe

    Kenzaburō Ōe 大江健三郎

    Kenzaburō Ōe (1935–) was born in Ehime Prefecture on the island of Shikoku, in a small village tucked in a forested valley, where he was in the fifth grade when World War II … Details

  • Hideko Ogawa

    Hideko Ogawa 小川英子

    Hideko Ogawa  (–) won the Kodansha Award for New Writers of Children's Literature in 1993 for her book Pianyan about a piano-loving cat; in 2011 the work was released as an e-book in both … Details

  • Yoko Ogawa

    Yoko Ogawa 小川洋子

    Yoko Ogawa (1962–)  discovered the joys of reading as a grade-schooler when her family bought a subscription to a monthly series of world children's classics. In her interviews she credits the diary of Anne … Details

  • Ito Ogawa

    Ito Ogawa 小川糸

    Ito Ogawa (1973–) is originally from Yamagata Prefecture. Her works include Chocho nannan (Chatter and Jabber), Famirii tsurii (Family Tree), Tsurukame josan’in (The Tortoise and Crane Maternity Clinic), Atsuatsu o meshiagare (Eat While … Details

  • Toshio Ogawa

    Toshio Ogawa 小川俊夫

    Toshio Ogawa (1940–) is originally from Chiba Prefecture. After earning a masters degree in engineering at Yokohama National University, he conducted research on the properties of synthetic polymers at the Hirakata Research Laboratory … Details

  • Anna Ogino

    Anna Ogino 荻野アンナ

    Anna Ogino  (1956–) is the daughter of a French-American father and a Japanese mother. Her father was the sailor Henri depicted in her biographical novel Horafuki Anri no boken (The Adventures of Henri the Braggart), … Details

  • Shinya Ogino

    Shinya Ogino 荻野伸也

    Shinya Ogino (1978–) was born in Aichi Prefecture. After serving his apprenticeship mainly at small French restaurants in Tokyo, he struck out on his own in 2007 at the age of 28, opening … Details

  • Hiroshi Ogiwara

    Hiroshi Ogiwara (1956–) was a voracious reader of science fiction in grade school and of mysteries in middle school. He claims the influence of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. for the sense of humor he … Details

  • Noriko Ogiwara

    Noriko Ogiwara 荻原規子

    Noriko Ogiwara (1959–) made her debut as a writer of YA literature in 1988 with the publication of Dragon Sword and Wind Child (tr. 2007), followed by Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince (tr. … Details

  • Yasumasa Oguro

    Yasumasa Oguro 小黒康正

    Yasumasa Oguro  (1964–) is from Hokkaido. After earning his doctorate, he served as lecturer at the LMU Munich Japan Center and then as professor at the Kyushu University Faculty of Humanities, where he is today. … Details

  • Satoko Ogushi

    Satoko Ogushi 小串里子

    Satoko Ogushi  (1929–) is a former part-time lecturer in art education at Musashino Art University. She is a pioneer in art education for mentally disabled students at Japanese public schools as well as a contemporary … Details

  • Shōji Ōhama

    Shōji Ōhama 大浜庄司

    Shōji Ōhama graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Tokyo Denki University, in 1957. Currently he is the director of the OS Technological Research Laboratory. … Details