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  • Toshikazu Nagae

    Toshikazu Nagae 長江俊和

    Toshikazu Nagae  (1966–) was born in Osaka. He is a television and film director as well as a fiction writer. His late-night series Hōsō kinshi (Broadcast Ban; 2003–), a fake documentary program with elements … Details

  • Kafu Nagai

    Kafu Nagai 永井荷風

    Kafu Nagai  (1879–1959) was one of the first modern Japanese writers who, upon direct contact with the Western world, managed to create a literature that was rooted in Japanese tradition and at the same … Details

  • Masato Nagai

    Masato Nagai 永井真人

    Masato Nagai is a professional birdwatcher. He works as a birdwatching guide and all-around bird consultant, photographing them in the wild, writing and lecturing about them, and drawing illustrations. His publications include Kamome kansatsu nooto (Notes … Details

  • Ikuko Nagai

    Ikuko Nagai ながいいくこ

    Ikuko Nagai (1955–) was born in Hiroshima Prefecture and graduated from Tama Art University with a degree in oil painting. She made her debut as a picture-book illustrator in 1979 with the translated … Details

  • Hideko Nagano

    Hideko Nagano 長野ヒデ子

    Hideko Nagano  (1941–) was born in Ehime Prefecture on the island of Shikoku. Besides creating her own picture books and fairy tales, she also works as an illustrator for other children's authors. Her major … Details

  • Mayumi Nagano

    Mayumi Nagano 長野まゆみ

    Mayumi Nagano (1959–) graduated from an art university with a degree in design and worked first for a department store, then as a freelance designer, before making her literary debut by winning the … Details

  • Hiroki Nagaoka

    Hiroki Nagaoka 長岡弘樹

    Hiroki Nagaoka  (1969–) was born in Yamagata Prefecture. He became an avid reader of fiction when he was in college. After graduation he went to work as a staffer for a nonprofit, and about … Details

  • Gennosuke Nagasaki

    Gennosuke Nagasaki 長崎源之助

    Gennosuke Nagasaki (1924–2011) was born in Yokohama. After trying his hand at a number of different occupations, he joined the Japan Children's Story Association that was founded shortly after World War II and … Details

  • Kuniko Nagasaki

    Kuniko Nagasaki 長崎訓子

    Kuniko Nagasaki (1970–) is a native of Tokyo. Since graduating from Tama Art University’s Department of Textile Design she has worked as a freelance illustrator of magazines, books, and advertising. In addition to … Details

  • Yu Nagashima

    Yu Nagashima 長嶋有

    Yu Nagashima (1972–)  began writing in the mid-1990s. In 2001 he concurrently entered five separate works in five new-writer contests. One of them, Saidokā ni inu (Dog in the Sidecar), won the Bungakukai Prize … Details

  • Hirokazu Nagata

    Hirokazu Nagata 永田宏和

    Hirokazu Nagata (1968–) was born in Hyōgo Prefecture. After completing his master’s degree at Osaka University he joined a major construction company. In 2006 he resigned to start Plus Arts, an NPO that … Details

  • Seiji Nagata

    Seiji Nagata 永田生慈

    Seiji Nagata (1951–) was born in Shimane Prefecture and graduated from Risshō University. He is an ukiyo-e specialist, with a primary interest in Katsushika Hokusai. From 1980 until 2008 he was deputy director of the … Details

  • Yoshinori Nagumo

    Yoshinori Nagumo 南雲吉則

    Yoshinori Nagumo  (1955–) is the general director of the Nagumo Clinic, a part-time professor at Jikei Medical University and Kinki University, and a visiting lecturer at Dong-A University in South Korea and Dalian Medical … Details

  • Maho Naito

    Maho Naito 内藤真帆

    Maho Naito  (1976–) was born in Kagoshima. She graduated in linguistics from the Tokyo Woman's Christian University College of Culture and Communication in 2001 and received her doctorate from the Kyoto University Graduate School of … Details

  • Masato Naito

    Masato Naito 内藤正人

    Masato Naito (1963–) was born in Nagoya. He holds an M.A. in philosophy and a Ph.D. in art from Keio University, where he currently serves dual posts as a professor in the Faculty … Details

  • Yoshio Nakae

    Yoshio Nakae なかえよしを

    Yoshio Nakae (1940–) was born in Kobe. He graduated from the Nihon University Arts Department and worked in advertising design on his way to becoming a creator of picture books. While still in … Details

  • Kenji Nakagami

    Kenji Nakagami 中上健次

    Kenji Nakagami  (1946–1992) was born in the city of Shingū in Wakayama Prefecture. He went to Tokyo at 19 and worked as a manual laborer while also becoming a contributing member to the literary magazine … Details

  • Rieko Nakagawa

    Rieko Nakagawa 中川李枝子

    Rieko Nakagawa (1935–) was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. She began writing stories while working as a preschool teacher, and in 1962 published her first storybook, Iyaiya-en (No! No! Nursery School), about a little … Details

  • Chihiro Nakagawa

    Chihiro Nakagawa 中川ちひろ

    Chihiro Nakagawa (1958–) graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. She loved books from a young age, and notes that her interest not just in illustrating but translating them as well stems to … Details

  • Hirotaka Nakagawa

    Hirotaka Nakagawa 中川ひろたか

    Hirotaka Nakagawa (1954–) is a singer-songwriter as well as a picture-book author. His songs Minna tomodachi (Let’s All Be Friends) and Sekai-jū no kodomo-tachi ga (The Children of the World) have become favorites … Details