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  • Fuyuaki Jikihara

    Fuyuaki Jikihara 直原冬明

    Fuyuaki Jikihara (1965–) was born in Okayama Prefecture. He worked in the computer industry for a time following college before making the unusual career change of becoming secretary to a member of the … Details

  • Masayuki Jimichi

    Masayuki Jimichi 地道正行

    Masayuki Jimichi was born in Hyōgo Prefecture. He completed his undergraduate degree at Kobe University of Commerce (now University of Hyōgo) and went on to complete a master’s degree in the Department of Mathematical Science … Details

  • Hidenobu Jinnai

    Hidenobu Jinnai 陣内 秀信

    Hidenobu Jinnai (1947–) is a professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Design at Hosei University. He specializes in the history of Italian cities and architecture, and has taught at the Universities of … Details