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  • Noboru Baba

    Noboru Baba 馬場のぼる

    Noboru Baba  (1927–2001) was born in Aomori Prefecture. In 1949 he moved to Tokyo to begin a career as a manga artist, soon making a name for himself drawing manga for young boys. His … Details

  • Masako Bandō

    Masako Bandō 坂東眞砂子

    Masako Bandō (1958–2014) was born in Kōchi Prefecture on the island of Shikoku. After graduating from college, she studied architecture and design in Milan, Italy, for two years before returning to Japan and … Details

  • Midori Bashō

    Midori Bashō 芭蕉みどり

    Midori Bashō was born in Tokyo and took a job in graphic design after graduating from Waseda University. Now a freelance illustrator, she authors and draws her own picture books, most notably the Timothy and Sarah … Details

  • Arthur Binard

    Arthur Binard アーサー・ビナード

    Arthur Binard  (1967–) is a poet. Born in Michigan in the United States, he came to Japan in 1990 upon graduation from university, and began writing poetry and prose in Japanese. His poetry collection … Details

  • Etsuko Bushika

    Etsuko Bushika 武鹿悦子

    Etsuko Bushika (1928–) was born in Tokyo. A children’s author and poet in her own right, she has also translated numerous juvenile titles from overseas. Her poetry collections include Kowareta omocha (Broken Toys) … Details