Kotaro Kojima

Kotaro Kojima 小島曠太郎

Kotaro Kojima (1952–)  was born in Tokyo and lives in Okinawa. Since 1985 he has devoted himself to the study of traditional whaling culture on the island of Lembata in eastern Indonesia, describing the lives of people who hunt sperm whales with hand-held harpoons from wooden boats. He has published Kujira to shonen no hibi (Days of Whales and Youths), and has collaborated with author Tomoko Egami on Kujira ni idomu fune (Boats Challenging Whales) and Kujira ga kureta chikara (The Power the Whales Gave), both in the Ramarera, inochi no monogatari (Lamalera, a Tale of Life) series, as well as Kujira to ikiru: umi no shuryo, yama no kokan (Living with Whales: Hunting at Sea, Trading in the Mountains).

Books by Kotaro Kojima
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    The Day They Caught a Whale: Lamalera, a Tale of Life

    This is a photo picture book depicting whale hunting in the small village of Lamalera, on an island far to the south of Japan. Word comes that a whale has drawn near the island. The villagers row their boats out to sea. They raise sail and concentrate ha …