Haruo Hoshikawa

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Haruo Hoshikawa

Haruo Hoshikawa 星川治雄

Haruo Hoshikawa (1947–)  was born in Tokyo, where he operates a photo studio and creates picture books jointly with his wife Hiroko. Their co-productions include Shota to natto (Shota and the Magical Beans), Bokujo ni kite ne (Come to the Pasture), Take to boku to ojii-chan (Grandpa and Bamboo and Me), and Boku no onii-chan (My Big Brother).

Books by Haruo Hoshikawa
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    My Big Brother

    Hiroko and Haruo Hoshikawa have created a photo story about their disabled son, told from the perspective of his little brother, six years younger. My big brother Naoto, he tells us, is a little different from other people. He doesn't grow up as fast, he …