Tadashi Okakura

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Tadashi Okakura

Tadashi Okakura 岡倉禎志

Tadashi Okakura (1963–)  graduated from Nihon University and currently works as a photographer, primarily for magazines. His publications include Wasure-enu ichidai no kuruma EUROPE3 (Unforgettable Motorcar: Europe 3), Shashin to zumen de tanoshimu tetsudo mokei (The World of Model Trains: Photos and Drawings), and Japanese Whiskey. A well-known aficionado of model trains, Okakura holds periodic exhibitions of works he has built.

Books by Tadashi Okakura
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    I Have Been Searching for . . .

    A stopped clock, a pair of gloves without an owner, a charred, radioactive lunchbox . . . These are among the 14 everyday items, all atomic-bombed on August 6, 1945, that are presented in this photography book as "storytellers," each one revealing its tal …