Kei Yuikawa

Kei Yuikawa 唯川恵

Kei Yuikawa  (1955–)  is a standard bearer among Japanese authors writing of love and romance. After working at a bank for a decade out of college, she made her writerly debut in 1984 by winning the Cobalt Paperback Novel Prize, presented to writers of young women's fiction, for Umiiro no gogo (Ocean Blue Afternoon). Her protagonists have grown from girls to adult women as she herself has developed as an author. Yuikawa has drawn on her own experience in the workplace to create life-sized portraits of today's women, who wrestle with issues of love, career, and childbirth. She enjoys both a loyal readership and critical acclaim, demonstrated by the 2001 Naoki Prize she won for Katagoshi no koibito (Sweetheart Over My Shoulder) and the 2008 Shibata Renzaburo Award she garnered for Ai ni nita mono (Something Like Love), a collection of short stories. She unearths layers of her female characters' psychology so deep and dark that her work at times has the feel of horror writing. Her other novels include the 2007 Isshun de ii (Only for a Moment) and the 2008 Ruri de mo naku, hari de mo naku (Neither Lapis nor Quartz).

Books by Kei Yuikawa
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    Something Like Love

    Eight stories center on contemporary women in their late twenties and thirties. The women find themselves at odds with their husbands and lovers or their mothers, and agonize repeatedly over whether their feelings are those of love, or something else masq …