Arie Nashiya

Arie Nashiya 梨屋アリエ

Arie Nashiya (1971–)   was born in Tochigi Prefecture and currently lives in Yokohama. She made her debut as a writer when she won the 1998 Kodansha Award for New Writers of Children's Literature for Deribarii eiji (Delivery Age). In 2004 she received the Japan Juvenile Writers Association New Writer Prize for Pianisshimo (Pianissimo). From the beginning, as seen in titles such as Surii sutazu (Three Stars), her work has displayed a sensitive grasp of the delicate psychology of adolescent girls, particularly those around middle-school age, and since Puranetariumu (Planetarium) in 2004, a distinctive note of magical realism has entered her style. She has also written of girls at a younger age in such titles as Tsu suteppusu! (Two Steps!), exploring peer-group relationships among grade-school girls, and Kokoro-ya (Heart Vendor), a story treating emotions and attitudes in a way lower elementary readers can easily understand. With numerous hit titles, she is one of Japan's most popular authors of young-adult and junior fiction. She frequently participates in YA reading groups and other efforts to promote sharing among young readers.

Books by Arie Nashiya
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    Tears Like Snow

    From the time she was small, Kimie always seemed prone to strange occurrences. In elementary school, for example, when she borrowed an umbrella from someone and opened it, she floated up off the ground and flew through the air. Or that time right in the m …