Naoya Shiino

Naoya Shiino 椎野直弥

Naoya Shiino (1984–) was born in Hokkaido. After graduating from a university in Sapporo and joining the working world, he continued to write on the side, and a manuscript he submitted in 2014 became a finalist for the Poplar Fiction Prize for New Writers. He made his writerly debut in 2017 when a revised version of that manuscript was published as Boku wa jōzu ni shaberenai (I Can’t Talk So Smoothly).

Books by Naoya Shiino
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    I Can’t Talk So Smoothly

    All through elementary school, Yūta Kashiwazaki had been the object of ridicule and unable to make friends because of his stuttering. On his first day of middle school, the teacher asks the students to introduce themselves to the class, and the pressure …