Takeshi Shiota

Takeshi Shiota 塩田武士

Takeshi Shiota (1979–) was born in Hyōgo Prefecture and started writing novels in college. In 2010, while working as a newspaper reporter, he made his debut by winning the Shōsetsu Gendai Novel Prize for New Writers with Banjō no arufa (Alpha on the Game Board), based on his experience covering shōgi matches. He later turned to writing novels full-time and in 2016 published Tsumi no koe (The Voice in the Crime), a fictionalized inquiry into the real-life unsolved Glico-Morinaga case of the 1980s; this work, the idea for which he first developed back in his student days, brought him the Yamada Fūtarō Prize and first place in the Weekly Bunshun annual domestic mystery rankings. Perhaps unsurprisingly given his former career, he has established a reputation for his solid research and assured skill in putting together grittily real full-length narratives. Other works include Tomo ni ganbarimashō (Let’s All Fight On), Hōkai (Collapse), Yuki no kaori (The Scent of Snow), Kōri no kamen (Ice Mask), and Damashie no kiba (The Fangs of the Trompe l’Oeil).

Books by Takeshi Shiota
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    The Voice in the Crime

    This suspense novel follows two characters—an unwitting accomplice in crime and a newspaper reporter—as they pursue an unsolved mystery modeled on a real-life incident that gripped Japan from 1984 into the following year. In that affair, popularly kno …