Hiromi Hoshino

Hiromi Hoshino 星野博美

Hiromi Hoshino (1966–) was born and raised in the old shitamachi merchant and artisan quarter of Tokyo, which retains vestiges of Edo-period plebeian culture. She is a photographer, essayist, and nonfiction writer. After graduating from college, she worked as an assistant to photographer Jōji Hashiguchi before striking out on her own as a freelancer. In 2000 she received the Ōya Sōichi Nonfiction Award for Korogaru Honkon ni koke wa haenai (A Rolling Hong Kong Gathers No Moss), which draws on her own reportage in mainland China as well as a two-year period of study in Hong Kong. In 2011 she took the Yomiuri Prize for Literature in the Essays & Travelogues category for Konnyaku-ya hyōryū-ki (Adventures of a Konnyaku Merchant), a work tracing her own family roots. Her other titles include Oroka-mono, Chūgoku o iku (A Fool in China), Shima e menkyo tori ni iku (To the Islands to Get My Driver’s License), and Minna suisei o mite ita (They Saw the Comet). Hoshino has garnered fans among the well-read for her characteristic style of delving deeply into the heart of her chosen subject, plunging headfirst into topics of great personal interest.

Books by Hiromi Hoshino