Makiko Usami

Makiko Usami 宇佐美牧子

Makiko Usami (1979–) was born in Nagano Prefecture. She taught elementary school before she became an author, making her writerly debut in 2009 with the story Aikotoba wa kabutomushi (The Secret Password Is Rhinoceros Beetle). Her other titles include Hoshi-otoshi (Starfall) and Tokimeki danchi no natsumatsuri (Summerfest at the Tokimeki Apartments). She offers fresh and supple portraits of children finding their way in today’s world.

Books by Makiko Usami
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    Kiwa’s Eggs

    Fourth-grader Satoshi is having a hard time staving off boredom during summer vacation. His parents are always tied up with the bento shop they run in the shopping district by the station, and his best friend Sōta goes to soccer practice every day, so Sa …