Izumi Shiga

Izumi Shiga 志賀泉

Izumi Shiga (1960–) is from Minamisōma, a city in Fukushima Prefecture within the evacuation zone established in response to the nuclear plant explosions that followed the massive earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011. He made his literary debut after winning the Dazai Osamu Prize for his novel-length manuscript Yubi no ongaku (Finger Music). His subsequent publications include Tsunami, a novel of youth, and Mujō no kami ga mai-oriru (A Heartless God Alights), which includes two stories set in post-disaster Fukushima. Since 2011 he has poured himself into efforts to spread the word about conditions in the disaster areas not only through fiction but through film and journalistic articles as well.

Books by Izumi Shiga
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    A Heartless God Alights

    This volume contains two stories set in Fukushima shortly after the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan’s eastern seaboard on March 11, 2011. The title story begins two weeks after the quake in a small town on the Fukushima coast. Located les …