Makoto Usami

Makoto Usami 宇佐美まこと

Makoto Usami (1957–) was born in Ehime Prefecture. She made her literary debut in 2006 after her short-story manuscript for Runbini no kodomo (Children of Runbini) won the Yū Literary Prize awarded by the magazine , which specializes in supernatural tales. The following year she published a volume of five stories under the same title to rave reviews. In 2017 her full-length Gusha no doku (A Fool’s Poison) received the Mystery Writers of Japan Award for Novels. Her other titles include Niji-iro no dōwa (Rainbow-Colored Fairy Tales) and Irazu no mori (Forbidden Forest).

Books by Makoto Usami
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    A Fool’s Poison

    The story begins in the summer of 2015, at a luxurious eldercare facility overlooking the Pacific in Shimoda, a resort town on the tip of a peninsula southwest of Tokyo. Resident Yōko Nanba, 65, moved here a year ago after being diagnosed with osteonecro …