Atsuko Kikuchi

Atsuko Kikuchi きくちあつこ

Atsuko Kikuchi (1980–) was born in Osaka and graduated from the Faculty of Design at Kyoto Seika University. After college she entered regular employment for a time before becoming an independent illustrator. The fashion illustrations and family diary she publishes on Instagram under the handle oookickooo have become tremendously popular. Her publications include oookickooo Fashion Sketch Book and oookickooo Today’s Diary Book (original English titles).

Books by Atsuko Kikuchi
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    oookickooo’s Best Style Book

    Author Atsuko Kikuchi has established an online presence as a style maven on Instagram and Twitter under the handle oookickooo (pronounced simply “kick”), producing a steady stream of distinctive hand-drawn and hand-lettered illustrations of fashion e …