Shiho Kotera

Shiho Kotera こてらしほ

Shiho Kotera (1991–) was born in Toyama Prefecture. In 2013 she joined Q-LiA, where she has been engaged in designing stationery and fancy goods. In 2014, the doodle of a “panda bus” she drew in her sketchbook inspired a cast of “Funny Animal Bus” characters that also became an animated television series (with two seasons as of 2017). Cats are her favorite animal. Her published titles include Animaru basu to wasuremono (The Animal Buses and the Lost Item).

Books by Shiho Kotera
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    The Animal Buses and the Lost Item

    The “Funny Animal Bus” characters created and popularized by stationery and fancy goods maker Q-Lia, and subsequently turned into an animation series on Japanese TV, are here adapted to the picture-book form for the first time. The marvelously endeari …