Haruyo Miyakawa

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Haruyo Miyakawa

Haruyo Miyakawa 宮川晴代

Haruyo Miyakawa is a voice coach and the proprietor of Office M. She graduated from Waseda University. She conducts frequent voice improvement seminars for managers and businessmen in which she teaches kaisei (“fine voice”) methods to reveal how one’s values and propensities affect vocal habits. She also offers private “Speak for Success” lessons as well as in-service training classes in “Talking Tips to Make the Sale.”

Books by Haruyo Miyakawa
  • Book

    Vocal Magic: Anyone Can Make a Better Impression!

    All people pick up voice and speech habits from their surroundings as they grow up. They simply learn how to vocalize and pronounce words by mimicking other people, and virtually no one receives any kind of professional training. This means they are almos …