Kenji Nishi

Kenji Nishi 西兼志

Kenji Nishi (1972–) graduated from the Faculty of Letters at the University of Tokyo. He holds a doctorate in information and communications science from Stendhal University (Grenoble-III), and a doctorate in philosophy from Pierre Mendès-France University (both now part of Grenoble Alps University). His publications include Mado arui wa kagami: Neo-TV-teki nichijō seikatsu hihan (Window or Mirror: A Critique of Neo-TV in Our Daily Lives), co-authored with Hisamitsu Mizushima, and Kao no media-ron: Media no sōbō (“Face” as Medium: The Physiognomy of Media).

Books by Kenji Nishi
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    Idol Culture through the Prism of Media Theory

    Author Kenji Nishi unpacks what constitutes “idol-ness” within a culture where consumers are influenced willy-nilly, whether consciously or not, by the actions of these young stars as mediated by television, social networking sites, magazines, billboa …