Shoh Kataoka

Shoh Kataoka 片岡翔

Shoh Kataoka (1982–) was born in Hokkaido. His independently produced short film Kurage-kun (Jellyfish Boy) garnered 14 prizes in various film festivals in 2010, including seven grand prizes. He made his commercial feature-film debut in 2014 with 1/11, and he followed this in 2015 with Tamako-chan to Kokkubō (Tamako and Chef-hat). In 2017 he published his maiden novel Sayonara, musshu (Goodbye, Monsieur).

Books by Shoh Kataoka
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    Goodbye, Monsieur

    A story of the friendship between a young man with a brain tumor who has only six months to live, and his pet plush-toy koala that not only moves but talks. Seitarō Mori is 27 and works as a proofreader for a small publisher with only about ten employee …